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I can't decide people 

I can’t decide people who wear pyjamas in public have given up on life or are living up to the fullest..


Worlds shortest resignation letter 

Worlds shortest resignation letter

Dear sir,

Thoo… 💦💦



That moment when you shave 

That moment when you shave after a month and one of the your family member says

“Aaj insaan lag raha hai”


A man takes photograph of his wife

A man takes photograph of his wife and then declares himself to be a “wild life” photographer…


There's no I in Team?

“And your major assessment will be a group assignment.” My tutor announced.

I looked around in horror, this was the first tutorial for the semester and she was asking us to choose a group. 407 more words


Sir I have not linked 

Employee: sir I have not linked my account to aadhar. But I still got gas subsidy.

HR Department: that’s not the gas sabsidy, that’s your increment !! 7 more words