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Should you offer a Nature-Oriented Premium?

It’s been proven time and time again that offering something for free gets people to pull out their wallets.

No matter who you are, what societal class you identify with, race, gender, sexual orientation… we’re all equal when it comes to getting something for free. 843 more words


Bowl for Kids' Sake

Grade 6, 7 and 8 students from Grafton participated in Bowl for Kids’ Sake Wednesday March 4th at Northshore Lanes in Cobourg. At the time of posting this blog, Grafton had raised $2200 in support of the program, making us the top school supporter so far. 30 more words

Grafton Public School

Help out with the Beverley Festival Fund @Beverleyfilm

UK filmmakers, Urban Edge Films unite a host of British talent in gritty, stylish coming-of-age story, BEVERLEY.

Alexander Thomas (The UnDream, Entropy) directs as Skins star Laya Lewis makes an impressive performance as a troubled teenage girl of mixed-race identity seeking respect within a gang of male youths on a white suburbian estate -1980 Leicester. 284 more words


Don't Eat the Seed Corn

What does that really mean? I am sure I had heard it somewhere when I was younger, maybe in a movie… I can’t remember the context but that doesn’t really matter, I can remember the impression it made when I did hear it. 290 more words

A Week of Kindness

In a world that is too often full of sadness, tragedy and sorrow, it is good to reflect on the kindness that happily coexists. My week has been full of kindness received, and kindness given. 975 more words


Charity fundraising, Anglo-Spanish Victorian Style: Wars, Hurricanes, Floods, Earthquakes, Dynamite, and Soccer

Band Aid. Live Aid. Sport Aid. Comic Relief. Children in Need. Over the last thirty years, we in the UK have embraced the concept of big, multimedia fundraising platforms, whether for longstanding charities or for specific disasters and emergencies. 1,219 more words


Advancing a Cause

By Erin Hall

At the beginning of each new year, most people start thinking about goals. Career goals. Personal goals. Fitness goals. Financial goals. Even weight loss goals. 431 more words