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Religion - Opiate of the masses ?

We live in the twenty first century, yet I still see people herded about by those bearing the marks of religious officialdom. Whilst so much scientific knowledge abounds, and cognitive processes forged in years of education  should give us the ability to think rationally, still we allow ourselves to be led like so many sheep. 566 more words


Hidden. Part 4.

During church I started taking notes, but somehow the notes eventually just turned to doodles. I’m not very good at art, I don’t draw figures as much as attempt to cover the entire page in patterns. 297 more words


Prof. Gideon Aran: Haredi Jewish Fundamentalism

When purist and pushing their logic to its limits, the extreme Haredi positions are self-contradictory if implemented. Implementing their militant anti-Zionist stance therefore requires them to ‘do as the Zionists do’. 179 more words


The Anti-Christian Nation

Are there any queers in the theater tonight?
Get them up against the wall!
There’s one in the spotlight, he don’t look right to me,

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Eric Poulin: Henry A. Giroux | Liberalism's Failures in a Time of Increasing Violence, Racism, Inequality and State Terrorism

calls for a politics that enables people to imagine politics as a place to think critically, move beyond the tyranny of the moment, be able to connect the civic imagination with a new understanding of collective action, and demand the impossible, that is demand the promise of a radical democracy.

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The Death of Western Christianity

Christians Christians Christians. This post is a very good example of why Christianity is on the decline in America. It is not on the decline due to moral decay, nor due to people straying from the “straight and narrow.” It is on the decline because people have opened their eyes to the Colonial/Crusade/Pharisee-based indoctrination that Westernized Christianity is so diseased with. 288 more words

Atheists Being Lead By Religious Fundamentalists

W. Hunter Roberts asked, “Why do these new atheists allow the Christian fundamentalists to define their reality?”

I wanted to highlight something I’ve noticed and experienced myself. 179 more words