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National Post View: Consider Rachel Notley's first weeks in office before voting for Thomas Mulcair

It’s too soon by far to pass a verdict on Rachel Notley’s NDP government in Alberta — they were only elected last month, after all. Still, while the government’s first legislative session was brief, it saw a lot of activity. 586 more words

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Graeme Hamilton: Péladeau learns politics and media ownership don't mix as wife quits TV production

MONTREAL – It was an emotional moment Monday as Julie Snyder announced she is abandoning her long career in TV production because her company has been stripped of provincial tax credits. 626 more words

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Andrew Coyne: Liberals' idea for gender quota in Cabinet leaves out the principle of merit

As a thought experiment, suppose cabinet mattered. Or at least, suppose we thought it should.

Suppose, that is, there were a number of serious issues facing the country — the economy, national security, climate change, social and economic inequality — of a kind that placed a premium on effective government action, and on cabinet as the central institution of that government. 944 more words

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Letters: Confederacy of dunces

Re: A Tarnished Flag, editorial, June 26.
This editorial goes a long way to explain why the United States is such a dysfunctional and unreliable nation. 1,196 more words

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John Ivison: Despite promises, Tory government pulls punches on tamper-proof drugs

Achieving anything in Canadian politics is the art of the possible — and experience suggests not much is possible.

Rona Ambrose, the health minister, was undoubtedly sincere when she identified prescription drug abuse as a growing problem where government action was required. 663 more words

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Michael Nolan: Stephen Harper one election away from cementing his place in history

Should he manage to win the 42nd general election on October 19, Stephen Harper will enter an exclusive club, in the company of Sir John A. 681 more words

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Robyn Urback: This can be said succinctly: Clips of people being killed shouldn't be used as campaign fodder

Generally speaking, political attack ads fall into one of three categories. There are the overly dramatic, unintentionally hilarious kind, which brazenly distort fact to the point of parody (see “Engage Canada”) or hire catalogue actors to recite talking points in one of many bizarre or unrealistic scenarios. 723 more words

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