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Letters: Suspension of disbelief over Leafs

Re: ‘There Will Be Pain,’ Eric Koreen, May 22.
If Mike Babcock can’t rejuvenate the Toronto Maple Leafs, no coach can. I was sitting in the reds at Maple Leaf Gardens the night the team won the Stanley Cup. 1,956 more words

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National Post View: Conservatives' climate change policy is a classic example of 'going along to get along'

Stephen Harper’s government has long made a show of not “going along to get along” when it comes to foreign relations. How very curious, then, that the Conservatives should have done just that when it comes to combatting climate change. 566 more words

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Stephen Maher: Will Harper's debate gamble pay off, or will it prove his downfall?

If you want to make money playing poker, you have to read your opponents without letting them read you.

Stephen Harper sure is hard to read, but in the game of high-stakes poker over the election debates, he seems to have misread the other players. 651 more words

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If airlines sold coffee, they'd charge extra for the cup

Canada’s airlines used to be in the annoying habit of advertising prices that seemed too good to be true. On further examination, they usually were: passengers would discover the promised price didn’t include other mandatory costs, such as taxes, surcharges, airport fees etc. 675 more words

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Megan McArdle: Uber just might overcome our euvoluntary instincts

One can’t help but admire Uber’s willingness to follow the basic logic of economics any place it happens to lead. Even to price gouging. Soaring prices after a natural disaster or during extreme weather are simply, economists would say, the market’s response to changing supply and demand, as disruptions make it harder to get some things just as demand spikes (for instance, for generators, gasoline, bottled water, first aid supplies). 901 more words

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Arthur Milnes: 'The Queen is no more'

“She ennobled mankind; she exalted royalty; the world is better for her life.”
— Sir Wilfrid Laurier

In 1897, the world gathered in London to mark the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria and Canada sent its new prime minister.

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George Jonas: Judges evading the law

In 2010 four young men robbed a bank in Toronto. They managed to gather up the loot and make it out of the building, only to crash their getaway car into an 18-wheeler within a block. 1,031 more words

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