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SITHOM Exhibition – An Interview with Eko Julianto

Talk to me about street photography.

“Street photography is my visual diary, I use it to connect with people through my camera. It also means I remember the experience a lot more.

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7. Exhibitions

Perth Giants

Firstly I would like to sincerely apologies for not updating my site as I have been very busy lately. I will try to keep updating the site updated from now on.   24 more words

Fuji X100S

105°41'W x 41°34'N no. 21

Growing up and living in the rural west means you see a lot of abandoned buildings – old houses, schools, barns, etc. Many of them are falling down, and over the course of years you see the advancement of time as the vegetation takes over and the building slumps more and more. 63 more words


Winter Shadows

As a photographer, I look at the world differently.  Things that I used to never notice, now grab my attention — the interplay of light and shadows, the silhouette of a tree on a house, and random variations of blacks and whites stirring the imagination.   157 more words