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RFPC with great conviction

From the FT:

Seizing advantage of rock-bottom interest rates is the best way to raise them!


When Bloomberg cuts out the world ends

Many of us were confused and upset to discover that a global outage of service yesterday by terminals of news agency Bloomberg could have, quite literally, paralysing consequences. 374 more words

Premier commentary

Lionel Barber’s latest interview with Li Keqiang in the FT raises a couple of interesting points.

First of all, Li seems to view US post-crisis economic policy as a kind of Keynesian over-extension, which really needs to be cut short in favour of “structural reforms”, describing himself as only half-convinced that the US and others using these tools are doing the right thing. 279 more words


Monday 13: Day Twenty-Six...

Well, here it is. Home. Back to the old stomping ground. Memories churn. Stir. Down to my soul, and running through my veins.

I knew you here. 151 more words


Blue 'Un: FT Likely to Endorse Cameron

A few weeks ago Ed Miliband went into the FT to meet the senior editorial team and put his case. The FT is the most Europhile paper in Britain, with a surprisingly large number of left-of-centre journalists for a business paper. 254 more words

Guido Fawkes

Will your response to everything pack pounds on your body?

Our country’s eating problem? Someone gets married & we celebrate with food! Divorce? Food! Having a baby? Food! Depressed? Food! Overjoyed? Food! Angry? Food! Happy? Let’s go out and EAT! 39 more words

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