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Ever Wonder What Good Can Come of Your Struggles?

Only when our backs are truly put to the wall can we begin to know our true character. 

The Wall

But God...

There have been many times over the years — and especially lately — I’ve wanted to vent and rant on social media about one thing or another. 225 more words


Gravel In My Boots...

Fucking annoyance, that’s what it is.  Spikey little bastards floating around with every step.  With each footfall, a new location… Fresh hurt.

Sure. The logical thing to do would be to park my ass on an old felled tree, take the crusty boots off, and shake the fuckers out.   911 more words



Do you know what?
Just Fuck Off

…Not you.

Every time we go out......

Zachary walking along a tree that is submerged in the spring.

The following is a letter I wrote and posted on facebook last year  My son Zachary had done something so wrong that I couldn’t figure out what to do….so this was my response to his actions. 473 more words



Big mass of energy

Holding tight

Churning around




It’s hard to explain

It just wants to explode

It’s fighting its way out… 119 more words


Page 14

The kid blunders into Bob.

Which Bob finds more immediately frightening than the half-hearted warcry yelled at his back. With arms closing around his shoulders, Bob takes off, hammer hand leading. 294 more words