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Conversion or Transformation?

Dark Eldar: No, you can’t take care of our dying. It is not fair. As the leader of all eldar kind, I prohibit the same. I have even prepared a long list of the things that I don’t allow and published it as a book. 1,078 more words


And here it comes!

So, my sister came to pick up her cat. The apartment is all mine again. I am.. unsure of how I feel. A part of me is glad that it’s quiet again but on the other side, it’s kind of lonely now. 254 more words


My Rope is Quickly Coming Unfrayed!

Thin ice, the end of the rope, teetering on the edge.  This sentence very accurately describes my state of mind today.

In order to fully explain, I need to go back to 2009.  983 more words

Why I Abhor Thor

I don’t adore Thor. He’s a bore, and what’s more
I deplore the sight of his might dressed in white.
No delight do I know from this snow. 83 more words


Pick-A-Boo -- [Episode II -- Zed Meets Kosi]

I often get bored on Facebook with all the cliche statuses and copied quotes that aren’t accompanied with references. ‘OMG! That’s so deep’, ‘wow! I never thought of that’, ‘Gees! 678 more words


Two Steps Forward & One Step Back

At times my optimism wavers and I have trouble finding the silver lining. It is starting to feel that for every step forward I take I am knocked down and forced to start back at square one. 272 more words


Death Indoors.

I am sick.

With death and fate and god’s illegal use of power.

He doesn’t care.

How could he?

He barely knows. Or thinks or sees. 214 more words