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Lesson Learned.

Ever have that feeling that you’re too big for your skin? Feeling like you want to explode? That’s how i’m feeling today. It’s not something that’s been building, at least not that i noticed. 178 more words


The Darkness That Looms In The Hearts Of Others Can Make It's Way Into The Brokenness Of Our Humanity If We Leave Our Emotions To Happenstance And Fail To Guard Our Hearts

I spent all of this week in Washington D.C. If you’ll pardon the pun, Baltimore is only a stone’s throw away from the nation’s capital. The actual distance is less than forty miles. 1,333 more words

Anger Is Most Often A Secondary Emotion

Our Life-Giving Vine

The morning’s temperatures threatened the return of winter. I pulled out my winter jacket, scarf and gloves. I rarely wear anything on my head. Still, I searched through the neat piles on the closet shelf. 873 more words


Feeling frustrated.

It’s a Sunday afternoon.

Last week a week a start up that I applied for a job at, got back to me and ask me to create a fairly simple app in Ruby on Rails to demonstrate my ability. 83 more words

The Littered Length

Twenty lengths,
That’s my target,
Kick, kick, splash,
Argh, pesky kids attack.
An adult pool
In all its glory,
Filled with brats,
Oi, what’s the story? 473 more words