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DIY: No-Bake Watermelon Cake

Ever heard of a watermelon cake? Summer is fast approaching and this cake is definitely a perfect dessert this season. 22 more words

Duzon Life

A 100 Happy Days - Day 18

When we made our first fruit cake.

100 Happy Days

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As great as the Swiss rolls were, it was definitely a lot more trouble than making a regular cake.  Plus I had a lot of mixed fruit to use up, so it was back to making a regular old-fashioned mixed fruit cake this week. 56 more words


F.L Calder War Cake: The Big Bake!

Welcome to The Big Bake! Today we, Jocelyn and Natalia, will attempt to recreate a recipe used in the F.L Calder Institute of Domestic Sciences. The ‘War Cake’ recipe was created by the wonderful F.L Calder in 1929. 390 more words


Sgt Benny's Lonely Hearts Club Band

It was my boyfriend’s birthday last month. The big 3-0. Yes that’s right 30. I wanted to make him a cake, but what to make and when to make it? 292 more words


Happy Birthday Rylan

It’s Rylan’s birthday today (as if the title of this post didn’t give that away :P ). He is now two years old. It’s hard to believe two years have passed since he was born. 149 more words



Oh how we Scots enjoy our bevy, but that doesn’t infer that we are a nation of alcoholics. With so many wonderful brands of whisky who could argue the possibility of getting blootered. 535 more words