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Saving Money on Groceries: The Right Way to Use a Coupon

Many households find coupons to be a great resource when it comes to saving money on groceries. In their March 2015 report, the USDA Economic Research Service made a prediction that food inflation could increase an estimated 2-3% by the end of this year. 595 more words


8 + 1 frugal lifestyle choices

Fortunately, being frugal comes naturally to both me and Mr. German.

Which is great because it makes life easier to be on the same page. I would say that we approach frugality differently, with me focussing on optimizing our lives, and him focussing on buying good quality things. 763 more words


Frugal Endeavours 2

May 17 to May 24, 2015

This week transplanted volunteer lavender and strawberries and the rest of my herb seedlings

Picked several lilac bouquets for the bathroom. 258 more words


The Pigeon and the Piggy Bank

Most of us enjoy spending money. Wandering the shops on a Saturday afternoon perhaps, or trawling the internet for the latest piece of must-have consumer techno-gadgetry.  928 more words

Parsley Doesn't Count

It’s nearly June, the big northeast snowfest that lasted into April is pretty much over, and all the May and June issues of the big food magazines are showing…almost no fresh vegetables on the covers. 1,908 more words


Saving $100 a Month on Our Cell Phone Bill

One of the easiest ways I’ve found to cut costs was on our cell phone bill. When we were on Verizon over a year ago, we spent about $160 a month on our cell phone plan. 884 more words


People Supply And Demand

How many people does it take to make a difference? Is it possible to have too much of a good thing? As much as it is handy to invoke Margaret Mead’s quote; “ 1,204 more words