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impermanence and freedom

we bought our 25-year-old home about four years ago, and while it’s nowhere near a true money pit, it does seem like we’ve incurred nonstop expenses since moving in. 429 more words


How to Look and Dress Well on a Budget

My mother has her pride. There are some things I do which she resolutely turns her nose up upon, although she is the original Queen of frugality and saving/investing well. 922 more words


Baby on a Budget - A Woman's Perspective

Yes, having a baby is expensive. We all know that. But how much do you really need? Why not hear it from someone who delivered last August! 2,022 more words


Dehydrated Vegetables Make Delicious White Bean Chicken Chili

If you are one of the folks who dehydrate food to save money, storage space and preserve the wonderful taste of summer, this recipe is for you.   416 more words

Living Frugal as a Woman in Singapore

As a young woman, who was, by all means, quite attractive, I am naturally vain. I’m not trying to brag or anything, but I’m definitely way above average in the looks department, and I’m skinnier now than before I was pregnant. 1,575 more words


When to say when...

With the steady flow of promotions, coupons, and deals on a weekly basis it can be hard to resist not putting it all in your cart. 1,126 more words

How To Be Cheap

Travelling vs. driving a BMW

Travel is my thing, and if I amortize the cost of our travel over the year, I easily spend what Mr. German spends on his BMW… 404 more words