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Financial Decisions: The Husband Journal Entry 4

When it comes to finances as a wife, I may have many suggestions. For instance, I may ask my husband to read a book on finances.  238 more words


Four Tips to Saving on Property Management Fees

My husband and I have a rental residential property.  We have a realty company that manages the property.  So we have to pay for property management fees.  523 more words


Save Money by Deskunking Your Dog Yourself

I know it is the first instinct to want to take your dog to a groomer for a much needed bath.

However, keep a couple of things in mind.  232 more words


Garden Love

I spent a lot of yesterday in the garden, weeding and feeding the tortoise, and laughing at the cat rolling and lolling in the sunshine. 255 more words


Thank Goodness It’s Shorts Season, or My War with Preschooler Pants

As of mid-May, Big Brother (age 4) owned zero pairs of pants that were his current size and had no holes in them. That’s not even counting pants with patches–all his patched pants had new holes. 762 more words


D to the I to the Y

I’ve spent the last two glorious days grouting the tiles in the kitchen and cleaning.  It’s coming along really well.  I’m very pleased at how bright, clean and bigger it looks. 570 more words


No Pretzel For You

Wednesday, the kids were really getting on my nerves, especially in the 3 pm to 6 pm period. It started when I presented my oldest with an Auntie Anne’s pretzel, after school. 1,051 more words