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My New Babies!

As Winter nears its end, I’m excited that I’m finally starting to get some sunlight on my apartment’s balcony/porch.  The sun’s angle during the Winter months causes my entire porch to be shrouded in shade, so I really loo forward to that small intermission between no sunlight (from October to late February) and too much scorching sunlight (from May until August) which then means I have to move around the plants to prevent the sun from killing them.   264 more words


Shortening the Shopping List

I used up my last bottle of moisturizing, mineral-based, paraben-free facial sunscreen. And I had a liberating realization: I do not need to buy more. (I can just use the kids’ general purpose, paraben-free mineral sunscreen. 656 more words


Everything I Need to Know I Learned From Little House on the Prairie

So there are plenty of blogs and websites devoted to all things Little House on the Prairie.

If you want to live the simple prairie life, you can read… 417 more words


The FP Confronts Valentine's Day

I think Valentine’s Day is a silly holiday, and I would like to go back in time and tell Geoffrey Chaucer* not to start the whole thing. 256 more words


The Other Downtown

I have mentioned this before, but my husband and I are addicted to the ritual of getting Wawa coffee in the morning. It is a wasteful and expensive habit, and you would think that it would be low-hanging fruit in the scheme of frugality — something easy to change. 786 more words


Gardening: The Perfect Hobby

As we enter the second half of Winter, I find myself drawn to spend more time in nature. Perhaps it’s the promise of Spring…

Anyway, some of us – whether we like to live frugally or are on a fixed income – can’t just do a relaxing nature getaway; we need to bring it to our backyard (or balcony, or wherever we can)! 793 more words


Friday My Way!

This past Friday was the opposite of last Friday.

The sitter came, and the kids were totally composed. When I left to run errands, they barely noticed. 588 more words