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No Pretzel For You

Wednesday, the kids were really getting on my nerves, especially in the 3 pm to 6 pm period. It started when I presented my oldest with an Auntie Anne’s pretzel, after school. 1,051 more words



I have actually been and used my gym membership! I went to ‘Bums, Legs and Tums’ tonight which also included Arms and Chest.

I just kept on pushing through, not realising I could perspire from my neck, and shouting to myself in my head: “You are paying £400 a year for this!”, “Pat slides! 23 more words


Mother's Day

So I spent Mother’s Day caring for a posse of children ranging from five to nine in numbers. Breakfast in bed? Ha ha! I made brunch for six kids. 739 more words


Unpleasant Number Crunching: BMI

Disclaimer: This blog post is about me. No judgment about the size, shape, appearance, or health of any other person is intended.

Friends, I have never been what you would call svelte. 510 more words


Charity shopping and Tea: therapy for Nurses.

Today was a Day Off – and not only that, it was also a Day Off for two good friends, Medical Nurse and cardiology Nurse! (When I am not being Frugal Mrs P, I am Trauma Nurse). 336 more words


Mini tip - lemons & limes.

Oranges and lemons say the bells of St Clements!

This post is just a reminder that sometimes you can get a bargain and use your freezer to get every last drop out of your money’s worth (see what I did there? 144 more words


New Orleans Red Beans

I lived and studied in New Orleans, Louisiana for 6 months when I was at university. There are no words really to say how fun it was or how much good it did me as a nineteen year old to go out into the world (well, the USA) and learn. 241 more words