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Apple season

Apple cheeks, apple weeks, the race against the birds…

The inherited tree which has the codlin moth – I know it’s time to strip the tree when the birds begin to peck at the apple tops – this means they are sweet and ready. 306 more words

Grew It Myself

Test Driving the "living large" lifestyle

I am very interested in knowing what all of you think of the video below.  The financial commentator’s idea sounds okay on the surface, but in my opinion, “test driving” a lifestyle of living large for a few months could quickly trap you in to living that lifestyle forever – and depleting your nest egg – your thoughts?

Happy Birthday Growing Snowballs

Happy 1st Birthday to the

Growing Snowballs Blog

Thank you to all my Friends, Followers and Readers who have read my 52 posts   about  Cost Cutting,  Multipurposing,  Saving Money  and  Saving Storage space. 64 more words


Walking Into A Frugal Spring

Spring is here. It is knocking on the frugal storm window in the bedroom. The sheet of plastic is popping as winds from the south blow in the new season. 1,225 more words

What's in My Makeup Bag?

I am definitely one of those women who likes makeup! I can be fairly adventurous with it too– i.e. trying new trends, styles, and colors. It is like an outfit that you can change based on your mood. 812 more words


12 Ways To Simplify Easter

1. Make it about the lord rather than the Easter bunny & what they get in their baskets
Easter isn’t about the Easter bunny & how many little things we can cram into their baskets.   642 more words


Frugal Highlights of The Last Two Weeks

1. I trimmed my own hair the other day. I think having long hair with layers makes it easier to trim my own hair, but I still think I did a good job since no one has seemed to notice! 138 more words