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12 Ways To Simplify Easter

1. Make it about the lord rather than the Easter bunny & what they get in their baskets
Easter isn’t about the Easter bunny & how many little things we can cram into their baskets.   642 more words


Day 3 and 4 - Because I don't lead a particularly interesting life

So I kinda skipped blogging on Day 3 because I didn’t exactly have an interesting day. It was really uneventful day for me – waking up at around 12 noon, having breakfast, exploring the internet, dinner and exploring the internet until I was ultimately overcome by the urge to sleep. 461 more words


Cooking Like a Copycat

A few years ago, we decided that eating at most restaurants wasn’t really worth the money. Yes, it was nice not to cook. Yes, it was nice to go out, but the food wasn’t the central focus of the event. 181 more words

Frugal Living

Maternity pants, co-nursing, and a non-gestational meltdown

D is 18 weeks pregnant as of yesterday. She is starting to look actually pregnant, and needs actual maternity pants. D isn’t a fan of clothing shopping, but on the weekend I convinced her to go with me to a big second hand department store in a nearby town in order to find some cheap maternity duds. 1,041 more words

Day 3 - When I Got Lost

So today I decided to do something I haven’t done in a long time… Go outside.

And no, going to the supermarket to buy food doesn’t count. 335 more words


Paying for College: Education Tax Breaks

If you or a dependent are attending college, you know how costly a higher education has become. But did you know that there are tax breaks available to help lower that cost? 875 more words

Frugal Living

Spending Fast: Three Months In!

Woah, three months down – go us!  The Spending Fast way of life feels like second nature now, although a few spendy-spendy things crept up on me this week without me being fully prepared. 842 more words

Spending Fast