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New Kitchen Light

This is the old ceiling light. As you can see it not only is ugly but it doesn’t give enough light.

I changed the light with Dick’s help and then he carefully and meticulously cleaned each of the thick glass panels.The long narrow clear glass above the blue is cut like a prism. 42 more words


5 Ways to cut your expenses: #2 Clothing

Day 2 is all about saving on clothing. Let me know what I may have missed in the comments and I’ll add it to the list. 598 more words


50 Free Activities You Can Do This Summer

Summer break is upon us! You have so much time! You can do so many things! You’re so excited! You’re so….bored.  You’ve got a looong summer ahead of you. 279 more words


Fun, Free Things To Do This Summer

Summer is finally almost here and the weather is already fabulous!!! It’s time to get outside and enjoy what your community has to offer. I love doing things that are free or low cost, so I wanted to share some ideas with you so you can enjoy family time and be economical! 484 more words

Personal Finance

Where Oh Where Will Our Little House Be?

So the househunt begins…

Or, rather it begins in 2 weeks once we’ve secured our lender, figured out how much we can realistically expect to borrow (probably somewhere in the range of $250,000) and are able to remove our funds from our IDA account through the Portland Housing Center… 760 more words


Suburban Farming

The name George means “farmer”, and I suspect that farming is somewhere in George’s genetic code. Just like his father, George has a green thumb and a love of being outdoors.  1,068 more words


Cracking down for the mouse

So, I have to admit it– me and my kids are Disney fanatics. My husband, not so much, but he’s been patient with me over the decades and allowed me to spend most of our disposable income over the years on Disney trips, dvds, and more frozen lemonade from the Fantasyland stand than any woman should ever eat in a lifetime. 684 more words