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Not so wise wisdom tooth!

Have you ever had those moments where you actually felt like the adult you pretend to be most of the time? You know those times when you have to man up so to speak even though your inner child is shrieking and stamping her feet loudly on the floor? 322 more words

Random Warbles!

About The Frozen Embryo Transfer Process

The frozen and the fresh embryos are widely used in the cycle of the IVF or the In Vitro Fertilization process offered by Alta Bates IVF Program. 285 more words

Frozen Embryo Transfer

Scan Day

My period started this weekend so I went to the hospital this afternoon for my first scan. The downregulation has worked and my ovaries are nice and ‘quiet’, but guess what? 36 more words


9dp5dt, Beta tomorrow and......

I did test on our anniversary at 5dp5dpt and much to my surprise and excitement I saw a very faint line!!!  Beta is tomorrow and tests have been getting darker.   12 more words


After the Dust has Settled

So the phone call on Friday evening came as no surprise but I still allowed myself to weep silently for a while. We have our follow up appointed (more affectionately named, the WTF happened appointment) on Tuesday and he wants us to meet with the PGD team too for some reason. 499 more words

TTC Drama

Midweek Freak

Guys I’m freaking out. I haven’t slept in two nights. I think melatonin will be on the menu tonight.

Transfer is in 7 days. I think the gravity of it hit me last night as I was dozing off. 228 more words

TTC Drama

In the Trenches

So I’m feeling guilty after my last post about me keeping my FET to myself. Like people would be rolling their eyes while reading thinking “this girls thinks too much of herself, who needs her.” 555 more words

TTC Drama