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Word of the day #106


Friv – o – lous

Unable to take seriously.

Example: The efforts of the well know procrastinator were frivolous.


It probably depends on who you're fucking

“Can a dog lead a worthwhile life?” He asks.

She: “What?”

He: “I mean: a dog with a loving master, room to run, and plenty of companionship is a happy dog — did that dog lead a good life? 164 more words

What counts as original

If an artist is said to create as opposed to merely rearrange what is already inside of herself then she must lose herself somewhere in the act of creation.


Like a puppy through a meat grinder

There is a space between her happiness and her despair. It’s a space whose length is equal to the distance between what she is and what she does. 319 more words

Bin man in wealthy suburb jailed – for starting work too early

From The Independent, March 2015


A bin man has been sentenced to 30 days in prison for collecting rubbish too early. 111 more words


A penny saved

There was an interesting piece on the NBC Nightly News last night called “How to Kickstart Your Savings Account.” It emphasized the importance of having a goal in mind and featured a current campaign on Twitter, #imsavingfor. 128 more words