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3 things about Fritz Lang's MINISTRY OF FEAR

Ministry of Fear

1. Cake crumbs on the seat, on the leg of his pants, on the floor of the train.
2. Seance: a circle. Astrological symbols on the floor like the numbers on a clockface. 39 more words

Movies Watched in March 2015 Part II

I know a lot of people watch many more movies than I do, but in March, I averaged a movie a day every day, mainly due to being sick for a week and attending the Annapolis Film Festival (but not at the same time!). 895 more words


Free Movie Friday: M (1931)

Yes we are in the midst of March to Disney but as is the theme this year things like this weekly post will not necessarily jibe with the current theme to give you variety. 31 more words

Free Movie Friday

Ainda sobre "Cavalo Dinheiro": os "campos" contemporâneos

Ainda sobre “Cavalo Dinheiro”: os “campos” contemporâneos

»»»»» A proposta polemizante de Giorgio Agamben sobre os campos tornou-se entretanto mais entendível, ainda que se deva acrescentar: … 484 more words

E.U. Film Festival Week Three: Vote for Pedro!

At Cine-File today I have a review of Horse Money, the latest film from Portuguese master Pedro Costa, which receives its Chicago premiere at the Siskel Center’s European Union Film Festival tonight. 358 more words

On ''M'' (1931)

I have always been fascinated by the film’s iconic image of Hans Bechert looking over his shoulder and seeing the letter M on his coat through a reflection on the mirror.  220 more words

Ball of Fire: The Films of Barbara Stanwyck: "Clash by Night" (1952)

Ambitious.  Selfish. The desire to control not only her fate, but also the one who will help her get what she wants. But when the day comes when that person is close to losing everything for a man whom she has just clashed by night… will she do what her heart says or that of her calculated and cynical mind? 433 more words

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