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This is as good as it gets

After about a couple of months when we were both busy with other distractions, I contacted Liam again, inviting him to a film and we picked up where we left off – hanging out at a cinema, theatre or restaurant.   311 more words

Is One Really the Lonelist Number?

Am I lonely?  When I hear about my friends and family having arguments with their spouses,  when I hear about who cheated on who, or when I see someone being treated unkindly by their spouse, or hear about a breakup, I am grateful that I am single. 1,382 more words

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Nightmares.”

I guess my nightmares could be described as kind of boring and simple. The last uncomfortable dream that I had was maybe a couple of weeks ago and involved me trying to re-connect with a lost friend of mine and having it fail massively.

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His life can be stated, with the poem of the poet, Su from the Song Dynasty, it’d told of the ups and downs, the hardships he’d weathered through his whole life, or maybe, it’s a kind of an unreachable realm for him, but, gladly, in my life, I’d still had a couple of good friends who’d accompanied through the hardships. 336 more words


Beautifully Blazed 

I live for moments and days like today.

So me and my friend kasey decided we wanted to do a little smoking after we went shopping. 232 more words


Friends for the Wilderness

“And Moses’ hands were heavy: so they took a stone, and put under him, and he sat on it: and Aaron and Hur stayed up his hands on both sides.

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Christian Woman