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The Truth About Friendship

We all have friends, or so you think they are your friends. Friends are people you typically share common interests with, and often have similar senses of humor which often leads to tons of laughter, and wonderful memories. 523 more words

Snarky Opinions

Help! I am college-bound and freaking out about it.

I am terrified of what is going to happen next year.

So much is going to change and I am not sure how I feel about it. 772 more words


Being Ida...

Loneliness is something far more profound, I believe. Normally, we reach out to random friends or family members, or try to get back to someone with whom we’ve lost touch, thinking it is their absence that is responsible for that horrid cold feeling in our bones. 494 more words


A Year of Blessings...written to the people in my life

I am beyond blessed. No, I really mean it. And not just in the context of – “my life looks happy and put together” on the outside.   850 more words


Quiz: Who is paying attention? --OR-- Why I don't watch movies right now

There are three people watching a film. Who is paying attention and who isnt?

Person One has a laptop in her lap, looks back and forth from screen to tv to screen. 591 more words

Daily Reports


It’s the oldest story in the book. You meet someone, your life is changed and you live happily ever after. Right?

Right well, yes that can come true. 433 more words

The Inflexible Artist

Ladies and gentleman, one of the hardest things for my “career” at this point in my life is flexibility.  I know, ironic. One of the things we are taught to be is flexible which, in turn, creates inflexibility in all other aspects of our lives.   515 more words