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What never changes

Seasons come and go; friends come and go.

Seasons that we hope to never leave; friends whom we thought would be there for seasons left. 178 more words



So for day eight of the writing challenge I had to talk about something that I struggle with.

I struggle with not getting what I want. 424 more words

Donuts and Margaritas

Here it is the Fourth of July and I’m finding it hard to muster up any excitement.  Yet I have a high need for celebration and joy and happy explosions. 1,374 more words

Fourth Of July

Let's talk about friends after high school.

Friendships can be tricking no matter what age you are. I hear a lot of people wish for simpler times. These are the classic scene from High School Musical 3 where they say ‘Like Kindergarten’. 595 more words


Learning How to Walk Away With Dignity

I am writing this post mostly for myself. So I can process. Breathe through it. And most of all, to release it. As I am walking away from a friendship, I realize that I probably never really will get closure. 517 more words


Dang! That was 'Just a Dream' !

Yes! that will be the first sentence we will all utter when we all wake up from such terrific dreams! :D

accept it or not, we all had the most terrific dreams sometimes. 820 more words


I am seeing ghosts in the places where people used to be. The fog comes for people quickly leaving behind their bodies but taking with them their soul and bones. 363 more words

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