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ballerinas and boxes.

Been in the process of moving in the last two weeks…but amidst the piles of boxes and bags of things I’m pretty sure I don’t need, I got to take portraits for Miss Emily Scott, a dance major at Alabama. 17 more words


The possibility of you

“You know you really love someone when you can’t hate them for breaking your heart.”

The fact is that I don’t hate you and probably never will.

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Friendships Built

Friendships built

On a foundation of faith

Shared joys and sorrows

Moments built

Together yet


Friendships built

A gap between

Space and time

Linked together. 34 more words


I Want to Be That Comforting Arm

I want to be that

Comforting arm

The one you can turn


Knowing that I am here

Reaching out

Trying to help you.

I want to be that… 48 more words


Testing... One, Two Three

Friendship Park is right around the corner from my place. It’ s a cute little park but is not often used. Because there won’t be people in the way, I’ve decided to use it as the backdrop for a creation. 53 more words


It's Okay To Laugh, To Cry, To Lean

It’s okay to laugh

To cry

To lean

To dream

To fall

To pick yourself up again.

It’s okay to seek

To find

To be that friend… 67 more words


The Kind of Friend

I want to be the kind of friend

Who you know you can lean


The kind of friend

Who loves unconditionally.

I want to be the kind of friend… 57 more words