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Nature and Nurture: Ian Ritz’s creative influences

“When I was a kid I would make my own skateboards in my dads’ shop. I had a very deliberate intent to make them a certain way,” Ian Ritz matter-of-factly reveals as he wanders about the Function Junction headquarters of Chromag in Whistler, the bike brand he founded out of necessity and inclination. 366 more words


Jackie & Vivian

I’m hanging out with my friend, Jackie, this afternoon. Jackie is an architectural/industrial photographer. After lunch we’re going to watch Finding Vivian Maier. I’m hoping Jackie will show me some of her recent work. 69 more words

My Life

War over food-Chapter 1-The beginning of the beginning Bruschetta

After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations.”
― Oscar Wilde, A Woman of No Importance

A typical second blog post discussion during lunch. 726 more words




Due to circumstances out of my control every Sunday morning I have to attend church via cable television. Where normally Pastor Joel Osteen gives a great sermon. 584 more words




The week has been hurly-burly, with myriad emotions.

Bittersweet highs: so many people remembering Hugo for his birthday, beautiful gifts full of symbolism; Hugo’s Legacy… 597 more words


How we went to buy a car and ended up in Italy

It’s kind of a long story.

The Mister and I purchased a used Santa Fe SUV before starting renovations on our bungalow. It’s roomy, has fold-down seats, and can handle a whole lot of lumber. 457 more words


Live your life without regrets.

Isn’t it amazing that very often despite thinking we are going to have a better week, we manage to launch ourselves into something similar from the weeks before. 376 more words