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It is near impossible to continue having a rotten afternoon when watching six otters dipping and diving, frolicking and feasting. They are so graceful, sleek and lithe, and were eating noisily and playfully turning cartwheels in the ocean. 189 more words

Island Life

Status changed from Student to "Unemployed"

The last paper, the last question, the last sentence to the last word of your engineering gives a nostalgic feeling. There is happiness and joy all around. 265 more words


I am "trying"

So, things have been better. I’ve been trying to work things out in my brain the past couple of days. I know I said I felt okay about what’s going on between my partner and I, but the past week I’ve been crying 3+ times a day, maybe even more. 358 more words


when friends become "just people"

sometimes i am tempted to delete them. not just from Facebook and Skype. but in my life.

weird, i know.

they lost their charm.

maybe the problem is me. 46 more words


We are moving on...

She is always deleting pictures of her ex-husband.

She is deleting songs she performed with her ex-husband.

But there is just one problem. Her son. 659 more words


Sweet As Reunion.

There are some relationships and friendships that are just a little stronger, a little different and a little bit harder to explain. We call ourselves soul mate friends because quite honestly she is more than a friend- she is a soul mate. 1,456 more words