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Today is a great day, I only have three days of school left and might I add I only have to come for two more hours total. 345 more words

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It was just your average Saturday night… except for the fact that I had just pulled off one of the most successful birthday surprises ever. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I do a pretty epic job at throwing surprise parties. 842 more words


Houseguest Harmony...

Later on tonight, the daughter of one of my best friends will be arriving in Dublin.  She is in London for a summer semester, and like any good American student abroad, she is taking full advantage of how close the rest of Europe is to her. 1,166 more words


RRCA Coaching Certification- Just call me coach!

It’s no secret that I love many different aspects of running. Heck, I wouldn’t be writing a blog otherwise, right? Not only do I love running itself, but I love the research that goes into deciding on workouts, races, shoes, nutrition, and many other aspects of running, and I love talking to other people about it. 910 more words


Prom night 2015

Hey guys!

I had my prom last night (not the final one though) and it was sooo much fun!

Although my feet hurt a lot (that’s what you get if you jump on high heels for 3 hours long), it was a great night and we took so many pictures. 68 more words

Clubs and Societies

This is a crucial part of getting to know people in my opinion and it’s pretty fun at the same time! Your college, no matter where you are or are planning to go to, will have plenty of different clubs and societies that you can join. 334 more words

Morning Thoughts

Seven days of playing hide-and-seek with my words; seven days of being utterly clueless as to how to transfer the thoughts and ideas in my head to the screen. 392 more words