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A Mother's Surreal Moment #5847...

“Oh!  Mom! Mom!” my sophomore son says to me.

“I forgot to tell you! Today in PE, Coach was frustrated with the little kids, so we got to rip the squeakers out of their rubber chickens.” 170 more words

Friends And Family

Some Not So Good News...But At least It Was a Good Weekend

I’ve missed you party people! Did everyone have a good weekend? Mine was spent indulging in the beautiful summer-like weather we had here, but before I get into the details I want to start with some not so great news. 329 more words

Sunday Lunch

I love Sunday lunch, I always have.  Growing up in our house Sunday lunch was a big deal – a chance for family, extended family, friends and visitors to get together and swap news, laugh, celebrate, remember, argue, and – of course – eat and drink. 278 more words


A Quick Word About Real Estate.

Real estate (the buying and selling) is NOT what it used to be. Thanks to a plethora of new, preposterous laws and regulations, the thing that brought the most prosperity to the middle classes (owning a home) has now become a nightmare. 1,159 more words

Living Life

Road Trip to Rochester

Early Saturday morning we packed the car, jumped in and headed off on a journey to Rochester, NY. Gina is from the area, so we try to visit when possible and spend some time with friends and family. 188 more words


Aikuisiän painajainen: Muuttopäivä

Tänään koitti kauan kauhistuttanut muuttopäivä. Muuttoa on odoteltu kuukauden päivät ja yritetty henkisesti varautua tähän koitokseen. Aikuisiällä muiden elämäntragedioiden ohella muutto on kyllä varmasti monelle ultimate inhokkiasia. 227 more words

Friends And Family

Flashback Friday - May 1st

Hi and Happy 1st Day of May!  Hope you have a great Friday!  I don’t know about you, but I have to say, TGIF!  This has been a crazy busy week and I am ready for the weekend. 210 more words