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The wall

I’ve built a wall. Around my heart. I didn’t know I had. The construction was finished and certified, there had been a ribbon-cutting opening ceremony, and I was totally clueless until I walked smack bang into it. 338 more words


Don't forget the coffee

This morning was an even earlier start for me than normal and it kind of threw me off. The boyfriend and I got up 45 minutes earlier than normal and proceeded to get ready while watching the weather. 214 more words


The Dress, And What It Says About Us

We’re living through an Internet Moment, guys. As silly as it is — and it is sort of silly — this is one of those things we’re all going to refer to down the line, like, “You remember when everybody went nuts suddenly one evening, simultaneously across the country and maybe the world, about a dress?” It’s many things, and it’s monopolizing conversation, and now that it’s a whole 24 hours old the haters are hating. 636 more words


What's New

I should probably share if we are friends, hell, we might meet briefly at one time and I just happen to see something, hear something, or just feel something I couldn’t shake off; chances are it will end up in a blog at some point or another. 1,005 more words



I must admit I was very lazy this week. I felt a bit moody and not like doing anything. Of course I had to go out with M or P, they need their exercise. 283 more words


Be Where You Are

The more time that passes, and the more technology grows, the more that I read debates on if devices such as cell phones which were created to connect people actually foster loneliness. 334 more words


“How In the World Did I Get Here?”

Have you ever paused and looked around at where you are in an exact moment and asked the question, “How in the world did I get here?” It’s fun, no? 1,184 more words