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Strike One, Two, Three, Four, Five....I suck at Baseball.

A lot of times, I fail to even realize that I’m upset until I see everyone else so happy.  I was just sitting at my glass table, painting a frustrating picture, but love to paint so it’s alright. 1,056 more words



I find it hard to put my feelings into words but I’m going to try and do my best for this reason. I have my first university exam coming up tomorrow and I am panicking. 766 more words


Who Are You Skipping To?

Recently,  a friend told me that they feel neutral about their significant other. They just stay together because they don’t want to be alone (which is a really sad but also a really common phenomenon). 168 more words


Missed opportunities 

Some times I think. (Not dwell) about some of the things I passed on in life. Something we are all guilty of.

Missed opportunities is what now drives me so hard. 262 more words


Play Nice!

Mothers’ favorite monologue when looking out the window, blowing back her hair, squinting her eyes only to see some type of ruckus going on, “play nice.” Sometimes, I wonder if these words ever really took root within some people. 209 more words


Project Betty.

I’d like to say I have been so busy that I simply haven’t had a minute to regale you, my loyal reader, with my doings since March.   646 more words

ScooterBob has come to visit.

It’s my turn to host ScooterBob. Sadly we won’t be going on many adventures as once again the Lomax requires surgery. The Interesting Welsh Roads proved too much for my exhaust, though overall the engine held out really well. 86 more words