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Meet paradise : Hoi An

Hoi An has it all. This little town in the center of Vietnam is a window to a different time because of its history and colorful old buildings. 796 more words


Parking Lot Friends

I’ve gotten into a bit of a routine. It works for me on 80% of the days when I’m on what a could be considered a “regular” schedule. 299 more words


SPARC in the DR

By DK Talifu 

During SPARC week I went to the Dominican Republic with Mrs. Wallace and Ms. Massingill. I had a great time there. So much happened, but here are two of my best memories. 392 more words


Asheville, or, America Has a Drug Problem

A student pulled me aside. She lowered her voice. Her eyes—they darted from side to side, being sure no one could overhear this serious secret she needed to share. 821 more words

Life & Style

Hoi An, the tailoring town of Vietnam (or "tl;dr – I bought 3 suits. They’re lush") (Hoi An, Vietnam)

“You HAVE to buy a suit in Vietnam” – ah, a line that so many people said to me before and during my travels (that, and “make sure you take plenty of Immodium” and “DON’T RENT A SCOOTER” – pah). 1,290 more words


Another Trip To The Grocery

I decided I just had to get to the grocery this afternoon.  I usually make that trip in the morning, but it was chilly today, so I waited until it warmed up to sweater weather.   742 more words


The power of a wave... (or "Get ready for me, London Underground")

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always waved at people. Waved as my ferry crossed their’s going to or from the Isle of Wight. Waved to friends and family from a rollercoaster or log flume. 185 more words