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day 34

Saturday night kind of melded into Sunday so I didn’t get much done except go to a family dinner and hang out with date #3. I feel like it’s gone past of the point of being able to call him date #3 and he should really have a name so let me think of something suitable. 111 more words


Let Go of Loneliness Today

I’ll get straight to it. Yesterday I took a much needed time out with the Lord. In my prayer closet (lol), He instructed me to reach out to someone struggling with loneliness. 334 more words


Breakup, Make Up & A Baby With Additional needs.

After meeting my current fiancĂ© 2 years prior, we’d had a turbulent relationship to say the least!

We had been on multiple breaks until we had parted for what we thought was good. 215 more words



Our ship has sunk.

We allowed the depths of the water to sink our ship.

Pride, fear, ignorance, negativity..

Miscommunication; it all broke our bond. 202 more words


Questions to Make You Fall in Love!

I’m not really concerned with the legitimacy of the claim of these 36 questions, but there’s some old (and new?) research claiming they will bring you closer together. 759 more words

Burned Out

I thought I could do it.
I thought it’d be easy.
Didn’t think we were a fit,
But life can only be so breezy.

Now when I think about how it would be, 128 more words


Memories of a girl 

She spoke of a white room

It smelled of chemicals and bleach

It was clean

But disgusting

They claimed to be helping

But they just destroyed… 153 more words