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Friday the 13th Complete Collection Blu Ray Unboxing

This is just a little unboxing video that I did for the Friday the 13th complete collection box set. Friday the 13th is probably one of the best horror franchises to ever be created and I can watch all the films over and over again. 13 more words


Unlucky For Some (Week Thirteen)

Luck is a funny old thing. I don’t consider myself particularly lucky (well, in the grand scheme of things I’m spectacularly lucky, what with my loving family, safe and warm place to live and steady income and all). 611 more words


That Friday the 13th TV Series Is Apparently Still Happening & It’s Going to Be Very Meta

Straight from the “Oh, they’re still doing that?” department comes news that producer Sean Cunningham is indeed still trying to make a Friday the 13th… 835 more words

Film News

That 'Friday The 13th' Found Footage Movie Will Answer Why Jason Is Unkillable

Jason Voorhees cannot be killed. It’s an accepted trope of the series, like teenagers having sex near bladed weapons and the hockey mask. And, truthfully, nobody really cares why, but we’re getting an answer anyway in the next… 132 more words



1986 – A grown-up Tommy Jarvis accidentally revives the long-dead body of Jason Voorhees with a stray bolt of lightning, transforming him into an unstoppable undead killing machine… 625 more words