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Friday Five: The Bard

  1. In what way is all your world a stage? Well, I’m a writer, so I draw inspiration from almost everything and everyone around me. I consider everything in my life fair game for material, and then I spit it back out into the world for people to read and hopefully enjoy.
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Friday Five: The Benefits of Teaching Nobody Tells you About

1. You keep up with popular vernacular--maybe not with everything, but you have more of a clue than your peers. For example, today, when students ran across the word “beau,” I told them it was like an old version of “bae” and they all nodded their heads and said, Oh, OK and we moved on. 199 more words

Friday Five

Friday Five 001

I’ve decided to do “Friday Five” lists so I can become more consistent in blogging. My goal is to post about/link to five things I’m either loving or recently discovered. 77 more words


Friday Five

1. Chimy’s margaritas on a Friday afternoon is the perfect way to spend a Friday.

2. New Jessica Simpson wedges that I found at Marshall’s for $40. 109 more words


The Friday Five: FarmBorough Festival Playlist

We’re not sure what’s happened to Spring in New York, so we’re dreaming about Summer concerts.  It’ll warm up someday, right?  We’re about two months away from the inaugural… 325 more words


Friday Five - Audiobooks Edition by Rowena

I really enjoy audiobooks. I spend a lot of time in the car, and audiobooks are a great way to fill the time(besides all the podcasts I talked about last week) and a great way to sneak an extra book into my reading life. 368 more words

AHBE Lab / Friday Five for April 24, 2015

  • Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase: “More than 50 Mar Vista gardens will be divided into five walkable clusters…open free of charge and will feature, among other things, beekeeping, drought-tolerant landscaping, berms, bioswales and water catchment systems.”
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Friday Five