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Friday Fictioneers - I Am The One And Only

Author’s Note: Very busy this week due to Australia stuff. Hence why no posts since last weekend. Got some downtime coming up, meaning more posts. 6 more weeks, and I’ll be able to post a lot more. 132 more words

Fiction With Video

Friday Fictioneers - The Art of Fire

He watched as the smoke bellowed up from the building.  The white and gray clouds were swirling like a tornado in perfect formation.  How can this tragedy look so beautiful as it floats up to the sky?   110 more words

Flash Fiction

Friday Fictioneers: The Firestorm

Over at the Addicted to Purple blog, Rochelle has challenged us to write a story of ±100 words based on the photograph below. 182 more words

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Friday Fictioneers: All Smoke and No Fire

Welcome to Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  This week’s prompt photo is from Roger Bultot.

At least one of the ideas I had were already used…and I already wrote an arson story… Well, this is one’s inspired by an actual case.  173 more words



I told them. I told them all.

But did they listen to me?

Of course not.

They hadn’t before, why would this time be any different? 76 more words

Micro Fiction

Until One Day

This week I returned to the dark side….

Welcome to Friday Fictioneers, where every story is a surprise. If you’d like to read other Fictioneers’ stories or post one of your own, click… 131 more words

Flash Fiction

chester's grandfather

“I’d always told my grandfather not to smoke when he was alone,” Chester stammered to his wife Lydia. “He knew perfectly well his shaking was out of control.” 75 more words

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