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"Mummy guilt" - can we blame social media?

I’m pretty sure my mum was one of those mothers. You’ll know the ones I mean in a moment.

I was talking to her about comparing Freya with other children and worrying that she wasn’t doing this or that, then feeling guilty that I probably wasn’t doing enough of this or that with her to aid her development. 767 more words


Brisingamen by Thorskegga Thorn. (Commentary is mine)


My guides had, for months, been bringing my attention to this story which I only now understand. This version describes it better than any other version I have read so far. 2,868 more words


A Riddle (by Moon)

when i visit with Freya the world hides away
always the unwelcome guest at the table
there is no room for me under the sun… 67 more words


-saturday flair-


Saturday Flair

going nowhere-

inside bejeweled like a queen-

beauty with strings.

the land once full-


opportunity for none-



Freya: Cats and Cloaks

I really identify with Freya. We share a Norse background and affinity for cats, although I don’t think any of the cats I’ve lived with would be willing to pull a chariot for me. 557 more words


Coming Soon...

I am going to start hosting a monthly spotlight for writers/artists soon!

Because, dammit, if I can’t fix all of the stigma issues with the self-promoting, self- publishing industry, i certainly am NOT going to help perpetuate it in a negative light by doing nothing. 71 more words




four times high,

twenty times low-

no energy for

a peanut butter and popcorn


brains jamming against

the sides-

too many thoughts-

stabbing the art of tomorrow- 12 more words