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3D print VR headset ‘DIOR EYES’

Its all about going Digital with Dior as the giant fashionista take there experience to a new level. Sooner or later the world is going to be hugely controlled but digital technology therefore this French fashion house has begun its upgrade. 243 more words

Recurring dream

This is a recurring dream
usually ends with a scream.
I walk through my old neighbourhood
greeting people from my childhood

I arrive at our gate… 92 more words


Six images of the Aude region, South of France

A selection of shots of our area; each one quintessential Aude

Below left- A shutter in Campagne -sur- Aude village-Right little house by the old bridge in Campagne (is that an external interrogation chair??) 62 more words


It's a sext-message!

Ohlala, I count my blessings, living in a city with endless flirtatious eyes and hotness. “This isn’t the city of love, it’s the city of sex.” According to a gay friend. 962 more words


Word of the Day: de rigueur

de rigueur (duh ree-GUHR)

adjective: required by fashion, custom, or etiquette

From French de rigueur (literally, of strictness), from Latin rigor. Ultimately from the Indo-European root streig- (to stroke or press), which also gave us strait, strike, streak, strict, stress, and strain. 29 more words

Choice Words

WIAW | Full Day of Eats + Details of my French move

Hello there and happy Wednesday! Again that means it’s time for another instalment of WIAW, a happy little blogger party where we all get to lust after each others meals and get new foodie inspiration! 614 more words