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Essays sought on Ibero-American Echoes of the French Revolution

Essay proposals are invited for a volume in the MLA’s Options for Teaching series entitled Teaching Representations of the French Revolution, to be edited by Julia Douthwaite (University of Notre Dame), Catriona Seth (Université de Lorraine), and Antoinette Sol  (University of Texas Arlington) 370 more words

French Revolution

On secular values six weeks after the Charlie Hebdo massacre

Not sure what to think about secular values in France?  How about admiration?  Instead of suggesting that France should be more like other countries where religion has been allowed to creep into the public sphere (or is welcomed with open arms into the public sphere as in the USA), I suggest we celebrate the freedom allowed by la laïcité, especially in schools. 414 more words

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the ultimate argument

In a tribune published on February 4 in Le Monde , the former minister Gérard Longuet wrote this unforgettable sentence about the former and… 81 more words


Jews set to observe 'Hyper Sabbath' for terror victims

Thousands of Jews across France will observe a ‘Hyper Sabbath’ this weekend to commemorate the victims of last month’s Hyper Cacher shootings.

Kevin Hagege, the CEO of a Jewish organisation that promotes the spread of the Torah, said: ‘For Charlie Hebdo, everyone bought a copy of their newspaper. 407 more words


A French commentary on la laïcité and Alexander Stille, by Laurent Loty

Dear Julia,

Merci d’avoir posté l’article d’Alexander Stille*, qui permet d’expliquer les différences entre la laïcité en France et la laïcité aux États-Unis.

L’article est passionnant. 354 more words

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Lisa Mandel on Charlie Hebdo ......and the Far Left

I was born in a very observant far-left family. God and Father Christmas don’t exist. What exists? The Class struggle!

I grew up in religious gatherings. 126 more words

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Alain Badiou on Charlie Hebdo, Le Rouge et le Tricolore. A Critical Appraisal.

Badiou: Wave the Red Flag not the Tricolore.

‘Le Rouge et le Tricolore’ Alain Badiou.

In le Monde (28.1.15) Alain Badiou has called for the “reactivation of the Communist idea” in place of the “totem” of the “ 1,606 more words

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