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In hommage to La Commune de Paris: March 18

This day, March 18, marks the 144th anniversary of the beginning of the end for the Paris Communards.  In honor of their vision of a just and equal workers’ society, we publish the beautiful song, “Le Temps des Cerises,” by Jean-Baptiste Clément.   246 more words

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FNPS: the UMP leader’s new (pathetic) motto?

“Voting for a FN candidate is electing a socialist representative”. That Nicolas Sarkozy recently declared on the air of France Info Radio, on the last week. 499 more words

French Politics

Immigration as a PR tactic

A few days ago I wrote about Manuel Valls, France’s Prime Minister’s interesting use of language when talking about what he perceives as the real and ongoing threat posed by the Front National in France. 1,341 more words


Optimism - should Manuel Valls try it?

Manuel Vall’s recent words about the Front National, that I read in Le Monde yesterday,  are an interesting way of doing politics.

The words he used when describing the situation were alarmist; ‘J’ai peur pour mon pays, j’ai peur qu’il se fracasse contre le Front National’. 1,092 more words

French Politics

Front National Goes UKIP as Mad, Racist and Nazi Candidates Flourish.

Latest Charlie Hebdo: The Front National is no Longer Scarey. 

“We’ve been thoroughly un-diabolised!”


A nauseating anthology of Front National Local Government Candidates’ comments on social networks… 254 more words

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The French and EU Expansion to the East

How many countries have a right to be part of the European club? Which countries? What are the criteria? Must the geopolitical boundaries of Europe coincide with the geographical ones? 629 more words

Essays sought on Ibero-American Echoes of the French Revolution

Essay proposals are invited for a volume in the MLA’s Options for Teaching series entitled Teaching Representations of the French Revolution, to be edited by Julia Douthwaite (University of Notre Dame), Catriona Seth (Université de Lorraine), and Antoinette Sol  (University of Texas Arlington) 370 more words

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