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Service 'sans' smile

You may read the heading of this post and assume it’s going to be another litany of complaint against France and all things French. You would be wrong, although that would be a reasonable assumption. 580 more words


Typical French Food Recipes

Best French Cuisine…

The phrase for breakfast is “le petit déjeuner” (the little lunch).

“Les crèpes” are a type of pancake.

“Une ficelle”, “un petit pain”, “une baguette” and “une flûte” are all types of bread. 69 more words

Living In France

French language mistakes: our most embarrassing moments

So you’ve decided to learn the French language. Or perhaps you’re already well on your way to mastering it. 

You love the culture, you love the country, you love the food, and you especially love the language. 1,019 more words

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A Frenglish Potpourri

Some videos about my book and other Frenglish things and thoughts | See more about My Life in the Jura – A Frenglish Potpourri

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Living In France

French Valentines Day Traditions

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No one really knows how Valentines day originally came about or even who St Valentine really was – the Catholic church has three different St Valentines and in ancient Rome the 14th of February was marked as a holiday to honour the god Juno.

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Living In France

Do You Prefer a Baguette or Loaf?

French Bread vs. English Bread

The inclusion of milk and eggs in the traditional tin-baked English pain de mie loaf produces a thicker, more flaccid crust and a heavier, densely-structured crumb, while the use of stronger flour imparts a more pronounced bread flavour.

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