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Lacie - Class of 2015

I was itching to take some more senior pictures, and super happy when a colleague of mine asked me to take her daughter’s pictures before graduation this year. 147 more words


Your Customer...

Guess what, a customer is a customer if you’re photographing something for them regardless of them being your relatives, friends, or total strangers.

This notion that’s being wrongly perpetuated that… 422 more words


What's happening?

This site is still in its infancy and I am still feeling it out, ironing out all the little creases and thinking of new ideas and concepts to hopefully follow through on. 216 more words


Ultimate Frisbee

A couple weeks ago I photographed a group playing Ultimate Frisbee in the park near OSU. I meant to post these images sooner, but sadly my aunt passed away so I had to travel home to Pittsburgh to be with my family. 28 more words


"Lenses" Are Both "Taste" & "Personal Choice"

I can’t count how many times I’ve read this question: “What lens should I buy?”, and the answer is “whichever suits you and what you’re trying to accomplish.” 132 more words


This Is Why People Won't STOP Working For Free In Photography

  1. Stupidity
  2. Short sightness – the inability to see past your own self
  3. Selfishness – the original inability to see past your own self
  4. Lack of business knowledge…
  5. 378 more words

"You Can't Have Spring With Just One Flower!"

No, didn’t you know? “Photographers” get everything for free! Our cameras, lenses, tripods, all the accessories are all free for us! AND apparently we have our own bank too called: … 433 more words