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Ultimate Frisbee

A couple weeks ago I photographed a group playing Ultimate Frisbee in the park near OSU. I meant to post these images sooner, but sadly my aunt passed away so I had to travel home to Pittsburgh to be with my family. 28 more words


"Lenses" Are Both "Taste" & "Personal Choice"

I can’t count how many times I’ve read this question: “What lens should I buy?”, and the answer is “whichever suits you and what you’re trying to accomplish.” 132 more words


This Is Why People Won't STOP Working For Free In Photography

  1. Stupidity
  2. Short sightness – the inability to see past your own self
  3. Selfishness – the original inability to see past your own self
  4. Lack of business knowledge…
  5. 378 more words

"You Can't Have Spring With Just One Flower!"

No, didn’t you know? “Photographers” get everything for free! Our cameras, lenses, tripods, all the accessories are all free for us! AND apparently we have our own bank too called: … 433 more words


There Are More Than Just Two Sides When We Talk About "Street Photography"...

The purpose of the last episode of The Grid was to offer some tips for street/public/private space photography, and how not to get arrested.

The Grid: Be a Photo Ninja – Episode 185… 1,055 more words


"Train Tracks" Photography!

Please answer this: How many more people need to die or be hurt before this nonsense stops“?

This morning I saw a photo of A Beautiful CHILD running down a train track!??? 231 more words


Language Please!

I mean, I would assume, even though assuming is not exactly nice, that most people know by now that when writing something online a lot of people can read whatever they wrote. 226 more words