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There Are More Than Just Two Sides When We Talk About "Street Photography"...

The purpose of the last episode of The Grid was to offer some tips for street/public/private space photography, and how not to get arrested.

The Grid: Be a Photo Ninja – Episode 185… 1,055 more words


"Train Tracks" Photography!

Please answer this: How many more people need to die or be hurt before this nonsense stops“?

This morning I saw a photo of A Beautiful CHILD running down a train track!??? 231 more words


Language Please!

I mean, I would assume, even though assuming is not exactly nice, that most people know by now that when writing something online a lot of people can read whatever they wrote. 226 more words


Photographers & Everyone Else: KNOW Your Rights!

So, I will start by saying that HGTV Magazine is my favorite interior decorating related magazine. It is full of sound advice, and EXCELLENT ideas. … 932 more words


"Stock Photography"...

I will have to say this about “stock photography”: it shows how “stupidity & lack of any business sense” work well together to undermine an entire industry. 914 more words


AND This is how we all get a bad reputation!

I just read this, and frankly, if at least the photos were up to par, I would have been more lenient to believe the “ill” story. 1,183 more words


I've Reached A New Conclusion...

“Faux/Photographers” spend too much time online, (most likely drooling on 500px, which is counterintuitive because most things worthy of being photographed are OUTSIDE), and too little time learning how to actually take a good photo, and are also allergic to advice. 2,084 more words