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Without Limitations

The freedom of the press has never been in question here. It’s something we take for granted – the unlimited amount of information before us at every waking moment. 25 more words


03.23.15: Corners

Jesus Torrealba, the head of the Mesa de la Unidad Democratica, assured supporters today that candidates for the upcoming primaries – the winners of which will run in this year’s parliamentary elections – … 840 more words

Daily Update

Journalist sentenced to prison for insulting Erdoğan

A journalist in southern Turkey has been sentenced to a five-month suspended prison sentence, while the houses of two more journalists from the same city have been raided by police, all for “insulting” President… 555 more words


Take A Peek At The Right To Look Today

This week, Analysis would like to revisit the right to look, something not guaranteed by the US Constitution or Bill of Rights. Looking is the most natural and spontaneous activity of the human body (a vestigial defense response still genetically imprinted for human survival?). 791 more words

Critical Analysis

Right Wing Militia Prepares to Overthrow US Government – and Turkey to quit NATO

A journalist for the UK’s Telegraph newspaper recently interviewed members of an armed civilian militia based in West Texas. A spokesman for the group, Johnny Cochrane, was quoted as saying, … 1,800 more words


Freedom My Ass!

About this Book; “Freedom My Ass!”
Something lurks within this world, unseen by most until it is too late. For this meddlesome and nasty beast has devoured more than just individuals, it has consumed great nations through its charm and deceit. 745 more words