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Proof a written constitution is not the answer to all our problems

Keir Martland

Apologies in advance: this video contains Pastor Manning.

However many times he insists he has a “constitutional right” to free speech, the same counter arguments as are made this side of the Atlantic, namely of ‘hate speech’, are made in the above video. 31 more words


Newer Trends To Advertising And Turning Pages To The Ipr Regime In India

By Bharat Kumar Singh and Shreaa Nath

The print and electronic media we are surrounded with heavily comprises of the advertisements associated with various products. These advertisements have taken the most significant place in today’s world and form the most basic element of marketing strategies. 1,250 more words

Short Notes

Youngstown State University joins the no-free-speech Hall of Shame

Once again an American university (Youngstown State University in Pennsylvania Ohio) appears to have suppressed free speech on its campus because the speech constituted unpopular “hate speech”. 575 more words

Freedom Of Expression

Protect Your Student Data: Rutgers is a Prime Target for Cyber-Attacks

By Marilia Wyatt Boyd –

Rutgers is a Prime Target for Cyber-Attacks yet Sakai/ E-college (Pearson) the University’s  Educational Platforms Rely on Third-Party Permission to Delete Students’ Course Data. 369 more words

Student Privacy

The Heritage Violation In Union Springs, Alabama

The Confederate Patriot Voters United has been following the Heritage Violation in Union Springs, Alabama. Yes another Heritage Violation in the South. A bunch of Confederate Flags were removed in a Cemetery. 41 more words

Finally! Victory for Free Speech in Garcia v. Google

by Corynne McSherry,  Electronic Frontier Foundation

Fifteen months after it issued an extraordinary order requiring Google to take down a controversial video, based entirely on a specious copyright claim, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has seen the light and… 82 more words


Pamela Geller and the hijacking of America

by Larissa Scott, American Thinker

On the morning of September 11, 2001, I couldn’t help thinking, I could have been a passenger on one of those planes that crashed into the World Trade Center. 114 more words