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Sunday mass at Bongkud’s SIB church today. People were worshipping, thanking God, Tuhan, Yahweh, Kinoringan and yes, Allah for His blessings. They alternated His many names without a thought and asked Him to guard over their community. 160 more words


What Has Happened To Freedom?

The United States of America was founded on freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the basic freedoms of life, liberty, the pursuit of happyness, and to follow your conscience. 534 more words


Hillary Clinton: "Religious beliefs have to be changed"

Hillary Clinton and the Democrat party believe that if your religious beliefs get in the way of abortions being performed, then your religion is a problem that must be changed… 110 more words

Cultural Analysis

Excuses of Biblical Proportions

A few days ago I read this post by Christian minister John Pavlovitz. It was a critique of how Christianity treats homosexuals; in particular it offered thoughts on how to reconcile hostile Bible verses with the reality that homosexuals are… 963 more words


S.A.S v France: Towards a General Prohibition of the Full-Face Veil in Europe?

In this post I would like to analyze the first ruling at the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), “S.A.S v. France”, concerning the full-face veil. 627 more words

Freedom Of Religion

Whole Foods Faces Criminal Charges For Opening On Good Friday

Whole Foods Faces Criminal Charges For Opening On Good Friday.

This is what “Freedom of Religion” is all about.
Being able to shut down retail businesses on the holidays of YOUR choice. 163 more words

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