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Two Jewish Musicals in Honor of Purim

Purim is the Jewish holiday that celebrates when Jews defended themselves against attempted genocide in Ancient Persia. A bureaucrat in Ancient Persia wanted to murder all the Jews in the kingdom, because they wouldn’t bow to him. 264 more words


Crying, This is My Religion

I see this issue in many folks who follow different religions, and the large religions that are commonly accepted have an extended support network.  In many cases, people fall threw net as well.   578 more words


Vain Religion

I know that this subject has been covered many times before. For me, it is certainly not the first time that it has ever happened. I have recently discovered that I have been the target of gossip by someone who professes to be a Christian, so of course I feel the need to address it. 207 more words


In pursuit of Social Justice

Author: Thato Motaung
Researcher, Centre for Human Rights, Faculty of Law, University of Pretoria

World Day of Social Justice – 20 February 2015

Social justice becomes a reality when social protection measures against discrimination and marginalization are enforced, thus targeting systemic social injustice and differential treatment. 822 more words


Outrage: Twisted Religion

Last night, my husband and I were watching TV. This is generally not something that we do a lot of for many reasons. As The Weather Channel went to commercial, Michael began “channel surfing”. 652 more words


Commentary: Muslims Invite Christians To Come Together


Shira Sorko-Ram writing for Maoz Israel–a Messianic Jewish organization–,comments on a common Moslem practice.

We could ask ourselves, “What if followers of the god Zeus asked us to “engage with them in an interfaith discussion of love of their god Zeus and love of our God Jehovah – “a discussion that would support the important work of reconciliation between these two great religious communities.”. 755 more words


Submission on Religious Freedom in Australia

Recently the Australian Law Reform Commission has had a consultation on Rights and Freedoms in Australia. Just the sort of thing I should have made a submission to, you might think. 234 more words

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