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All Shall Become Dust (Freewriting)

In the large scale of things, We are nothing but a speck. Should this demoralize us? The answer is no. We should work our hardest to make this the best place we can live in.

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All Shall Become Dust

The Daily Prompt

Prompt #267

Use the following items in a short story or poem:

a crayon, a baseball glove, a remote control car, a military-folded flag

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Writing Excuses Writing Prompt 5 – Write a scene in third-person limited in which your viewpoint character has a secret that he or she does not want any of the other characters in the scene to know. 377 more words

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Unholy Vengeance

Writing Excuses Prompt 4 — Write a scene from the point of view of a front line grunt in an undead army.

Derrick Edgar Sirios the fourth, had little say in the moving of his feet. 623 more words

Free Writing

Through Thick And Thin, I'll Be There For You Til The End

My sister and I didn’t always get along, but this is not uncommon for siblings. All siblings fight, to what degree varies from house to house. 550 more words

Free Writing

Failing Grade

Writng Excuses Prompt 3 — Try to write something funny in which profanity—expletives—the hardest profanity you can think of would be completely appropriate but it doesn’t happen. 362 more words

Free Writing

Safety First

Writing Excuses Writing Prompt 2 — Build a story off of this first line, “Barry knew his mumbling was going to get him killed someday.” 761 more words

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