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You pray for my death
because I am weak. I am
sick and fading. It is
only a matter of time.
But you can’t wait. Not… 67 more words

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6/29/15 Why True Detective Season Two Just Lived Up To The Hype

The hype train was in full effect before the first episode of True Detective Season Two hit HBO. However, everyone who’s a fan of the first season, that I know, anyway, was questioning the show before it was even aired. 732 more words

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6/28/15 A True Thing

My mother has cancer. It is survivable. Extremely survivable. And when I heard that I thought it would be no big deal. She is on chemo, which is tough on anyone. 242 more words

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6/27/15 Imp

She was as old as the day the last remnants of the glacier melted, and she had a long memory. She was as old as the roots, and older than the fallen, washed up trees. 495 more words

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6/26/15 He Missed

The slow night darkened. Before him the tide had nearly come in. The sand was cool under his bare feet, but the heat of the sun hadn’t yet dissipated from his skin. 518 more words

Free Writes

Lineage of a young queer — and I'm just a blip

I had a feeling I was a little different when I was in kindergarten. I didn’t like when my friend Charlie was sharing his box of crayons with my other friend Kelley. 400 more words

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6/25/15 The Roads

The roads are dark places.

The roots that guide them have been buried for too long.

The silk over the eyes is a classic thing. 79 more words

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