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the simplicity of friendship

the reciprocity I
have cherished is
being ignored

I can only go so long
without kindness

can only be so
hungry without a

unravel time… 27 more words

Poem A Day

5/25/15 The Golden Sea

The tall grass rustled in the wind. The golden stocks sweeping clean the horses flanks as the line progressed as one. The tinkling of metal mesh armor, the creak of the leather straps upon their boots. 510 more words

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In my dream
my hair was long,
skin smooth and dark,
stomach caved between rib cage
legs strong, taut like the dancer I
was at twenty. 53 more words

Poem A Day

5/24/15 My Fullest Trust

Trust is not a simple thing.

It is a growing pleasure.

It is earned day to day.

Your trust is my half-moon.

My starry night. 110 more words

Free Writes


let me remind you
of the way you cut
my hand when I scooped
you from side yard.

A punishment for
refusing to let you be… 56 more words

Poem A Day


If I can’t see out across that horizon I know you will describe it for me.

“It’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen,” you’d say to me. 220 more words

Free Writes

5/22/15 Cliche

1) Harem


The first time I looked up porn was with Frankie. He had come over and was looking at a Super Street mag while I was trying to finish a paper given by my English teacher, Mrs. 441 more words

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