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Being Used

I found this sad little gem in My Documents today that it appears I wrote on January 11th. I thought I’d share because it’s rather powerful. 621 more words


5 Paragraph Essay

After this class I realize how frustrated I am with a 5 paragraph essay. In school we are taught so many unnecessary writing “tools” and now in college we all are told we don’t need any of that. 64 more words

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Literacy Feedback

My view on what literacy is has definitely changed since this class. I now don’t think it just means being able to read and write but it just means knowledge. 59 more words

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50% off custom framing

It was a dark and stormy night, the wind was howling at my window, the rain was piercing, sleeping was out of the questions. … And that is why I am 58, single, and own 78 cats. 77 more words

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Elephant in the room

Have you ever walked into a room and felt completely out of place? You didn’t know what to say, or where to go, and you felt like everyone was starring at you for all the wrong reasons? 96 more words

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January 26th Individual free write

Today through my class facilitation I was able to further dive into the process of literacies in context. Who you are plays a huge part in how you act, interact, and also how you write. 63 more words

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On a friday night we had a party. It wasn’t really a party. more just a get together among friends. It was us being friends and eating food and drinking beer and rum. 519 more words

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