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Cat-like Sundays.

T: I just want to be a cat today. Take naps, nuzzle in pillows, yawn, and give people haughty I’m-better-than-you looks.

M: I plan to do the same. 7 more words


Units of Measurement

how do you measure a relationship?
in years–we’ve lasted three
i’d try to get it down to the second
but i’m bad at math

i think i’d rather measure ours… 177 more words


Superiority Complex

i hoard words
my mind is full of them
piled haphazardly in a corner

i always think i’ll need them
one day

but when will i ever have any use for words… 219 more words


Desperate Measures

Ever wonder how the once-prolific though often actually dispassionate poet guy comes up with the hundreds of bits of story and verse he’s posted on this small wall? 516 more words



blue catches my eye–
i stop.
what’s this thing doing here?
face-down on a dining-room chair
for only a moment

“look what i found!” 102 more words



vertical lines on horizontal lines
crossed and dotted and intersected
to form letters
to form words
to form ideas

sounds easy,
doesn’t it?
it is easy. 25 more words


Im' possible

Start by doing the necessary;

life is really simple

but we insist on making it complicated

the joy will burn out the pain

the dust of everyday life… 94 more words

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