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>> WATCH OUT – – – This is heavy! <<

“Do you become impatient under trial, fretful when crossed, angry revengeful when injured, vain when flattered, proud when prospered, complaining when chastened, unbeliev­ing when seemingly forsaken, unkind when neglected?”

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Bryan - converted to Jesus Christ


Edgar A Bryan was converted to Jesus Christ, 4/26/1956, in the village of Bremen, OH.  It was at the old  Pilgrim Holiness Church… 329 more words


How Much Does Jesus Love You?: He Thinks You Are Worth Weeping Over

Luke 19:41-44 — The journey to Jerusalem is complete. Jesus sees the city before Him. And He weeps for her. Why does Jesus weep? Jesus weeps for her because she will be destroyed completely in about 35-40 years from this moment of His weeping. 1,297 more words

Never bought a comic

As a child, I never bought or read a comic and I have continued this abstinence into adulthood (to the extent I have reached that state).   936 more words

Are We Deluded?

Commuting days until retirement: 19

My last post searched, somewhat uncertainly, for a reason to believe that we are in a meaningful sense free to make decisions – to act spontaneously in some way that is not wholly and inevitably determined by the state of the world before we act: the question of free will, in other words. 2,015 more words

What Are We, Really?

What We Focus On We Create, Manifestation 101

We are the Masters of our journey, as such we’re granted Free Will to plot our course for this adventure of physical expression.  Throughout our life / lives we’re presented with distractions to our focus.   500 more words


Deal 250: Bear Hunt

It is with some trepidation that I join today’s expedition. Although I want the trophy badly, there were too many ways that things could go wrong. 232 more words