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Note to Troy

It would be nice if philosophy could clean up after itself. When we drop the illusion that determinism conflicts with free will then the two irrational positions of anti-causal ‘libertarian free will’ and anti-choice ‘hard determinism’ can be disposed of. 332 more words


When did you realize you had to "let it go?"

I love this quote, just as I love the ever so popular slogan I hear so frequently that resonates with this quote which is… 716 more words

Do 'we' really choose?

Why don’t we commit suicide?

1. We want to enjoy life. There are no solid reasons for us to die. There is so much happiness in our lives. 289 more words

She chose to die, for her revolution. What about me? For all the endless worlds, all the infinite possibilities, did I ever even have a choice?

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Free Will: It's not who we are, it's what we are.

Grieving hard for my brother has brought me back to questions of free-will and forgiveness. I see his life clearly. He didn’t have a good start. 367 more words

God vs. "Caesar"

There has always been (NT & since) a line between believers & the state. God & “Caesar” are not partners.

It’s a mistaken mind which seeks to erase that line.  19 more words


The Greatest Gift of All

Image: Kim Sung Jin

“Human beings do not like being pushed about by Gods. They may seem to, on the surface, but somewhere on the inside, underneath it all, they sense it, and they resent it.” 486 more words