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shingle beach

I still can’t get used to standing on a shingle beach
my feet like it, but my brain is in full sand rebellion

the water’s inviting, but that sky is making me nervous… 55 more words



Tied up with silken bindings,
I am lovingly caught in your codependent web
Subconsciously sadistic, you dance around me
I let myself find pleasure in this prison


Playing with Fire

embrace the conventional wisdom
sing songs of the populist throng
feel affinity for the agendas of slyboots
neglecting the coolness of intellect
favoring heat of the passionate impulse… 46 more words


1 pack. 

Coffee filters and last nights’ cigarettes form the exhaustion under my blood shot eyes.

Open journals and unfinished sentences haunt my mind.

I never used to smoke. 19 more words


i lost the poem i wrote last night and i'm scared

i hate losing things

i feel anxious

this is an exercise in letting go

i just want you to know you’re the reason i wake up in the morning… 11 more words


and i said to the rock:

maybe when i tell myself to get used to being alone i’m just prepping myself
like a boy scout
i don’t pack umbrellas because i hate myself, i pack them because i watch the weather… 93 more words


Wonderland by Draven Museus


I am the Mad Hatter with no hat,
I disappear like Cheshire, but I’m no cat.
Just like Alice, I stumble and fall.
And like the white rabbit, I have no time at all. 46 more words