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The depth of my unconsciousness is unknown to me

Because it is unconscious

But I fear that it may be shallower than it should

If the ocean is deep… 101 more words

Life 6

What is life
Without the guarantee of death?
Merely a promise
Never meant to be kept



Look to the stars
And find the eternal archer.
His endless hunt,
Due to endless sympathy,
Across the northern skies
Forever a guide of lost souls
And pointing the way home.


The crust built
off tenderness,
rallying small modules
on the tongue
to parade the streets
of salts and sweet.
Parsing the pendulum
of fine dining… 18 more words


The coarseness of our conversations 
sandpapered the table into a lean, 
flipping cups like moods, 
as dark as the coffee we don’t drink. 
Lovely how those types of gifts,  32 more words


Everything is consumable,
and all things dull over time.
I’ve ignored the conversations
that kept me sharp.
Existence is depleting
and I am not being advantageous. 18 more words


He opened his chest
to breathe towards the heavens,
feared anything in the form of sevens,
packed up heart with massed severance.
Two droughts, one mouth, … 29 more words