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hold 'em

she dealt the cards
and soon called my bluff

i didn’t want to call it quits
so I went all in

it was a chance… 185 more words



when you cease being a word you are just a singular
experience of a dancing shadow not being welcome
anywhere limping along a cyclone fence spitting… 80 more words


Articles of Faith

speak not of beliefs
human words
are but fire
the flames giving
voice to chimera
true testament
stands upon deeds
all the evident essence
of what one believes… 42 more words


One Last Time

One Last Time
By Allie Marie

I’ve only just learned to break.
The words I say are mine now.
There’s just too much to say… 46 more words


Invitation to a Family Reunion

Doubt is the brother of malice, when trust
Leaves love, the mother, and forged is new lust
For power’s dull reverb.

Despair is the sister of envy, since just… 37 more words


A Personal Story in Two Parts

I cannot argue.
I cannot defend.
I am incapable of knowing
what I am.
But I don't know WHY.

They've diagnosed me as
disordered, and now I'm on
outpatient commitment,
been so for 3 years,
and have been given
at least 10 anti-psychotic
shots to 'treat' some medical
192 more words

Free Verse

Visiting Jamaica

High up in the sky,
on a plane overlooking the Caribbean Sea
…as beautiful as it is

Fear is the only thing on my mind. 68 more words