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The Overachiever

The Overachiever

Do you know
how hard it is
to be an overachiever?
Not only the act
of overachieving, but
do you know how much it aches… 205 more words


The Devil has always been beautiful.

The terrible are always masked with the beauty of their lies.

The flawless use their body to manipulate your mind.

The careless use their disguise to bribe you. 19 more words



By AJ O’Brien.

Sailing upon an
ocean of fear,
a vast sea of blood,
her nightmare
of total insanity
very very near.

Batten down the hatches… 41 more words


Screen Door Rain

The rusty screen door smell…
Of summer rain

Comes like cloth

Like worn upholstery

Before the washing wall marches

Low rumble rattles the sternum

Tickles bare feet, legs… 57 more words


Removing the piles

When all the furniture is moved
The kind clothes
The bathroom bobbles and bits
The important stuff

You are left with the piles

Angry papers… 56 more words

Free Verse

Waiting for a Friend

The stuffed black bear sat on the couch
Arms outstretched

She had not been home in months
Though she hadn’t played with him
For years… 158 more words

Summer Challenge