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When at last just you and I are left,
Having shed, through their indifference,
Not our own, the rest,
We will lock eyes and wings for one last flight… 156 more words

Don't Spare a Detail 

Hello old friend,

I’ve missed you.


Tell me how you have been.

Don’t spare a single detail,

It’s been so long.

My friend,

Please, 21 more words

home gothic


My sister is in her room again, spilling tears on her diary pages.

It’s leaves shake in fear as it receives lashes of anger and frustration. 154 more words


Far From Truth

Addict to the non reality
That surrounds our space and presence
To be hear and now
Is the opposite of what these flickering lights adhere… 153 more words


The Weaver

On seeing the basket weavers at Villaines-les-Rochers

The cane
is willowy`white
in the Weaver’s hand
It whips all around him
like summer`lightning
over winter`wheat

The Weaver… 94 more words


Hidden Restriction.

The trouble with long term illness,
hidden illness,
is that you start to doubt yourself.
Continuous exposure to exhaustion
and loss of concentration,
makes being non-functional… 33 more words


Bucket Life

It’s really just a bucket
neither hot nor cold water
marinade these dreams

°°° °°° °°° °°° °°° °°° °°°

this bucket
neither clean nor dirty, 28 more words