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Today the Sky Turned Yellow

A sail of wildfire smoke from the North
Blew down and veiled the land and the lake
Yellowed and tarnished the sky
With the patina of old cook book pages… 107 more words


What Good Is Diamond Against A Dinosaur?

Run with me between the weeping willows;

Let me show you the old world;

You will see your dreams take flight;

Smiling and singing in tune with me; 780 more words


The Wandering Soul

The air’s mist layered around my face.

The moss was wide spread like frosting,

icing the moist green forest.

In my ears rang a thousand bells amidst the silence… 123 more words

Die along w/ me 

i died

over you last week

and you should have

died with me

so you could have felt

what I felt

when I died over you


The Meal

The Meal
By: Natalie Howe

Hunched over a warm body, a bony spine bulges
from a small, pale figure feeding savagely upon flesh.
The figure uncurls to stand on strong hind legs, bloody… 434 more words


and lastly

it was the final day of peace
the silence before the calamity
the perfect storm
dug up powerlines
uprooted trees
left me for dead.

Free Verse

one more time (with feeling)

rescinded street-corner vows
in the shape of oblong hearts
drawn with a melted crayon
in the tenuous grasp of a child.
extemporaneous declarations of
ardor dropping onto the concrete and… 84 more words