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Goodbye Mr. Spock

I thought for awhile

That Mr. Nimoy was

Truly from another


His portrayal of Mr. Spock

Was the quintessential


A tongue in cheek… 49 more words

Free Verse

The Baby

by Jay Sizemore

The day the panicked fawn ran up my street,
my wife and I had spent our morning painting. 201 more words

Breathing under water

by Jay Sizemore

~for Bobbi Kristina

A fetus develops gill slits
that are later absorbed.
In utero, the infant is submerged,
lungs under-developed,
thumb in mouth, 211 more words

Seeing snow for the first time

by Jay Sizemore

Yesterday, he found a swastika painted on his door.
Red paint, that dripped in rivulets like lamb’s blood, 172 more words

Soy un ganador

by Jay Sizemore

~after Beck

In the time of auto-tune I was a singer,
callused fingertips with a beat-up six stringer,
strumming in the reverb, slap back twang, 174 more words

Thank God

by Jay Sizemore

There’s a future that exists without me in it,
where my father didn’t get sick a day before the flight,
where I was irritable with my children… 287 more words

They tell you, you are going to die

by Jay Sizemore

-for Brittany Maynard

and memories turn to thrift store donations
you’ll never drop off. Life becomes
that book of poems you forgot… 212 more words