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because I was an illness

she says
because I was
because I was
an illnesses
I think
I will go willingly if asked
to an accident
of power
as… 200 more words


hidden here
beneath a blanket,
odourous of something
like a meeting
or a dream

drawl elixirs
summon a language
dissimilar to the
common tongue… 10 more words


Mineral, Vegetable, & Animal

“I keep out of doors for the sake of the mineral, vegetable, and animal in me.”
-Henry David Thoreau

The mineral in me wants
to sit quietly on a mossy… 27 more words

Pocket Lint

Pocket Lint

From the book, Stained White Shirt

Pockets of hope wake me
on occasion
though I sleep soundly most of the time

I love to stuff my hands into those pockets… 52 more words



come lie,

that I love you…

comely that I love you

when energy dissipates

and things pull

back together

English Lit


it seemed no

done thing

when under

the waves he slipped

and she

began to


My Poetry

Twisted Babylon

Words seem to tumble
And stumble,
Through my lips,
Without intention,
Or notion,
Of consequence or aftermath.

Each chapter of my winding chronicle is masked by a notion that in fact I’m descending, 41 more words