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Saving A Life

For all my talk
About mental illnesses
I’ve never really
Dealt with someone
Self destructive
Now, confronted
With someone
Whose only wish is
To stop existing… 41 more words


Something to Say

Bullets ache beneath my tongue
With every word I speak.
Exhausted by my rage unsung
I soothe you through clenched teeth.

Before I can let loose and sing… 17 more words


Conversational Style

I’ve been totally inspired by poet Charles Bukowski.

He uses a more conversational free verse style that, in my opinion, puts the focus on the rhythm of the lines and the space he gives them. 147 more words



Wake up to just another day
In tune to my favourite sound
The slow decay of my fed up heart
Trying desperately to tear itself to pieces… 55 more words


Poetry Challenge - Day 17

Pay no attention to the irony of this poem/post.


Our intangible world
Has no mercy
For the kinesthetic learner
Who is numb
From light-on stimulation…

46 more words

Bade (Lydia)

Glass and cement, a city made out of a united dream.

Its horizon lined with gold rays, its ground gleaming of silver rocks

And with cracks that do not seem so broken after all. 266 more words


fantasy tells no lies -- an original poem

in sleep there are no mysteries
that dash and dim the glass of dreams
there’s only time untold to eyes
for treading through such reveries… 19 more words

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