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My Blog is ....a Poem

My blog is my scream into the abyss,
searching for ears to listen,
eyes to read,
hearts to love.
It’s the part of my brain longing to be popular… 142 more words

Thoughts On Things


when she whispers

rhapsody resonances in ear

like the waterfalls splash

symphonies slam the soul

thumping flesh forgets its rhythm

hissing breathes become hurricane

 ablaze desires ignite… 15 more words


resistance coupling

oh resistor
how i love you

my conduct
is not lamentable

you know
it warms you

our heat
is transformative

don’t repress
your feelings

let them shine… 37 more words



The pendelum was in my pocket

but sister said no matter which way it swayed

I already secretly knew my fate

For everything had already happened… 148 more words


I. Kazi & Kazi or why I cannot pronounce Sandinista!

Only I did think that the revolution would give my mouth sex appeal.
Very slowly, though, so my gums could still lip the words, because I only read playboy for the articles, 193 more words



Walking past the cemetery gates,
on warm soil wet with rain.
Through the fog I see her lay,
at the center beneath the grey.

On my knees I fall, 198 more words


edit it edit it

square off statements into fleshed out corners

duplicates scaling your view

saving for this too