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Fantasy Football: History

I don’t know if you’ve read Matthew Berry’s book, a Fantasy Life, but you need to.  What a hilarious collection of Fantasy Sports stories. Some somber, most uplifting, and some that are tear you a six pack funny. 4,913 more words

Dear Nivea: stop peddling lies 

Okay, you might be reading this title and thinking wtf? What’s wrong with Nivea? Well, let me tell you: Their new body wash names. How can body wash names be such an issue you wonder? 211 more words

Colouring- A new kind of Mindfulness

It’s been a bit of a hectic time since I last blogged; care team reshuffles and stresses, coursework deadlines and an Usher concert- all a bit crazy but I guess being a boss and your average jo is a tough call after all. 302 more words



I fully intended to never come back here, i honestly did, but i guess sometimes i just need a place to put my thoughts were people won’t call me too crazy. 7 more words

Chance Observations

Rathmines, on a cold November evening

Rathmines is a particularly interesting place in Dublin. Just south of the city centre, it boasts a bohemian side that comes out every so often to remind us that it’s not all about designer bags and brunch. 11 more words


behind schedule

‎For once it’s not me. It’s not me who got the time wrong, left the house too late, stopped for tea when I shouldn’t have. We were on time, dare I say even a few minutes early, only to arrive and fond out they’re behind schedule. 425 more words

Polka Dot Ponderings

Ten Reasons to go on a yoga retreat this summer

#8 Free time without the guilty factor.

Why is it that in our day to day lives that if we do nothing, we feel guilty? We feel like we are obligated to be busy all the time. 45 more words