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Look At This Before Taking Up A Hobby

Are you participating in a hobby? You may like to cook, knit or even garden. You possibly enjoy playing online games or going surfing. No matter the hobby, or if you’re currently searching for one, the tips in this post can help you make the most of the experience and maybe show you new hobbies too. 292 more words


Free Time Matters Too

Free time with my students means the world to me! But for many students with ASD unstructured times are the times they find most difficult. At these times there isn’t a designated plan of action, instead we expect them to navigate the complex social world around them, often without support. 545 more words

Veteran Preference: Assistance or Hindrance?

Well folks, another 4th of July is in the books. The annual remembrance of us telling the Brits to “suck it” came and went without much ado. 4,311 more words

natukene casual filmijuttu

Kes mind vähegi teab, ilmselt teab, et mulle meeldib väga filme vaadata. Või tegelikult.. kinos käia. Varem ainult Haapsalus elades oli kinos käimine tegelikult suht luksus, sest kui tihti sa ikka Tallinnasse sattusid ja Haapsalu kultuurimaja näitas kord kuus ühte filmi. 597 more words


I live next to an active Volcano, and it’s pretty awesome!

Now that I’ve got your curiosity, and possibly your undivided attention, it’s important to lay out some facts:

Out of the Office!

I love putting that “out-of-office” automated response on my college e-mail account every summer after the three-week June session ends. It means I’m only a writer… 566 more words

Behind The Stories: Inspirations And Encounters

Busy week

Hello I been a bit busy with the new job.
When you are a single mum and you have to change your job, it takes some weeks to get used to new shifts and manage the childcare, gym time, etc.. 35 more words