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Analogies: Released!

I began my Techno EP Analogies a while back, and now it’s here! I must say, it didn’t take as long as I’d expected; I’ve had a little more free time on my hands recently. 87 more words


On Hobbies/Interests

I am a person with many interests. Sometimes, I honestly feel that the hours of the day are just not enough. But I fail to see that it is I who don’t take advantage of my time in the right manner. 729 more words

Simple Life

"The best night ever"

“This is the best night ever”, that’s what I overheard Anna tell Brody last night when they were playing vet upstairs with all the leftover real hospital supplies. 278 more words


Fishy snack

One day a week for this entire semester, my friend and I have a TON of free time between classes. Some weeks, we have plenty of homework to work on. 58 more words


I got a new (erh, old)..?!

You’ll never guess this.. but… Since last week I’m the proud owner offfff…. *drums* a bicycle!!! :D A friend of a friend who lives in the dorm doesn’t use hers so for the time being, I can use hers. 326 more words

Fukuoka Women's University


25  เมษายน 2558 Lunch@Kyoto Apr 25,2015  วันนี้ไปหม่ำๆ กันที่ร้านเกียวโต ก่อนเข้าบ้านมิสเตอร์แวะซื้อเมล็ดหญ้าไปโรยสนาม ป้าโอ้ทถ่ายรูปดอกไม้ที่ร้านมาฝากจ้า

Oath In America

Pre-Draft, Pre-Season, Pre-dictions

The 2015 NFL draft is less than one week away. The bonanza we witnessed in the first week of free agency let us know that the NFL is indeed a mercurial beast. 3,228 more words