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Rock River Patriots Meeting This Friday July 10th

The Rock River Patriots will be having a meeting this Friday July 10th in Fort Atkinson at 6:00pm in the Community Room of the Dwight Foster Library.  117 more words


Should the Feds Start Price–Fixing Hospital Charges?

The Washington Post headlined an alarming story that accused hospitals of trying to make a profit: “Fifty hospitals in the United States are charging uninsured consumers more than 10 times the actual cost of patient care…” 100 more words


Corporatists of the World Unite!

As a classical liberal, I’m fascinated by the ongoing confusion of the Progressive Left over the meaning of the word liberalism. To be “liberal” is to support individual autonomy, self-determination, and freedom from coercion by the state. 627 more words

Rent Seeking

Teacher, can I please be a dancer?

Take a minute and think about the time you were a kid and thought of your future self.  All of us, at one point, have had a visual of us as grownups, doing something, enjoying it and making our lives about it. 1,265 more words

Federal Fuel Efficiency Regulation Hurts the Consumer...UPDATED

I understand that the title of this post is likely to make blood boil in certain people. I would ask those people to be patient and allow me to make my point in the following paragraphs. 1,343 more words


Economic Lessons from the Nordic Countries

Folks on the left sometimes act as if the Nordic nations somehow prove that big government isn’t an impediment to prosperity.

As I’ve pointed out before… 1,163 more words

Big Government