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F is for fear

In 2015 there are many scary things all around us. There are diseases, terrorists, famine, scary movies and so on and so forth. The news tells us day after day that something’s coming to get us. 354 more words


Licensing vs. Certification

One of government’s favorite tools used to control us is Licensing.  In many states, if you want to sell hot dogs from a cart, build a home, decorate offices, repair cars, shampoo hair, or help someone sell/buy a home, you first need to get a license.  808 more words


A case for compassionate capitalism from its "founding father"

If one were to believe without question what liberals say in the mainstream media and in academia about capitalism, one would think capitalism is all about greed, oppression, division, and using law enforcement and/or military to secure only the rights of the rich and powerful at the expense of the poor. 1,282 more words


Why do you make so much trouble, arguing with your friends?

It seems nowadays having strong opinions about anything can get you into deep trouble.  Not only do you risk offending the people who challenge your views, but there are countless others that don’t say anything and simply write you off or agree to disagree with you.   702 more words


Just building a clean tech innovation economy is not enough.

A society that holds out for the younger generation prospects that are worse than those held out to their parents and grandparents is a society that has ceased to progress and begun to regress—one that has lost any claim to historical legitimacy even if it is technologically advanced. 1,938 more words


Globalization and inequality

This article actually states some of the obvious problems with ‘Free Trade':

Globalization’s costs have been greater and more enduring than they expected, and government efforts to mitigate the effect on US workers have often proved insufficient.

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