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Isn't everyone supposed to be wearing Google Glasses, now? (Apple Watch)

Didn’t Segway get the same kind of “It’s Going To Replace____” articles

The big event on 9 March will showcase the Apple Watch; and it will be launched to consumers in April.

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N Korea Trying Obamanomics

Many attribute this continued growth to a 2012 decision of officially recognize that those who produced more should get more. It was not legal to be economically successful before that change.

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Net Neutrality: The FCC Trojan Horse

“The Internet as currently constituted, free of legislation, is the most powerful symbol and vehicle of liberty and free markets in the world today.”
–GySgt. DD Barton, Retired… 390 more words


Government Emotional? NEVER.

Never with me. With me it remains a pure sense of duty only and no more. Dedicated to humane law and benefit delivery and promoting prosperity to all the people in the opportunities only the free markets, commerce, can deliver. 20 more words

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Man with bionic eye sees his wife for first time in a decade

But this week Mr Zderad was able to see again, thanks to a groundbreaking procedure performed by surgeons at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

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Taking their cue from the White House, FCC Tells Congress, 'Pack Sand.'

“So long as the chairman continues to insist on secrecy, we will continue calling for more transparency and accountability at the commission,” Chaffetz and Upton said in a statement.

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Repost-'From The Detroit News: 'How The Treasury, GM Stock Deal Got Done'

Full post here.

‘Geithner has long wanted to exit GM soon, wanting to get out of the business of owning a large stake in an automaker.

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