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The Free Market Guru Speaks

The important thing to remember is that there is a rational answer to every question.

“Teacher, they’ve been draining my blood for a long time now. 360 more words

Make Me A Cyborg Right Meow Plz.

Why on earth is that that i’m unable to voluntarily proposition someone to perform dangerous surgery on me in order to make me into a cyborg? 22 more words


Sexual Liberty? Why Not Financial Liberty?

Libtards are aghast by those who are concerned about voluntary sexual actions between two people, yet they themselves are obsessively concerned about voluntary financial actions between two people.


Free Market et Hongdae

Aujourd’hui j’ai vu une amie à Hongdae.  On a fait du lèche-vitrine, et une des places où nous sommes allées était Le Free Market.  Le Free Market, c’est un marché artisanal au milieu d’un jardin d’enfant.  98 more words

Leopold Kohr: Unsung Hero of Twentieth Century Social Philosophy for the Twenty First Century

As an outsider, I’ve tended to gravitate towards other outsiders … not because they are outsiders but because very often they have something to say, something which got past the gatekeepers of their time and survived because it was important. 447 more words

Leopold Kohr

A Tale Of Two Economies: Singapore And Cuba

By Frank Holmes – Re-Blogged From http://www.Silver-Phoenix500.com

It would be nearly impossible to find two world leaders in living memory whose influence is more inextricably linked to the countries they presided over than Cuba’s Fidel Castro and Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew, who passed away this Monday at the age of 91. 531 more words

GDP & Employment

Libertarian Delusion

“The Libertarian Delusion” by Robert Kuttner published here is an interesting article. He brings up some good questions about libertarianism that obviously need to be addressed. 1,553 more words