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Letters To You

You’re so smooth
You make me smile
You can change my mood with one touch
One shift in the expression on your face
The way your eyes move across the page, which is my heart… 186 more words


Poems in the Storms

Candlelight shines so bright

Silence fills the empty spaces
As you sit, sit and wait
Waiting for the sounds that create the night
The chirpings crickets… 82 more words


Loy Norrix Students' Hair Begins To Become a Distraction In School

Hair: most of us have it. While most of us enjoy it on ourselves, we don’t always enjoy it on other people.

Imagine sitting in class, trying to see the board, only to be blocked by someone’s hair. 277 more words


Wasn't Porn Yesterday

A couple of friends who work in the industry have been bemoaning the state of it lately. The problem is that people watch porn for free and don’t pay for it – at least people in the West don’t seem to. 591 more words


kill them with fire - or why "zombie" blogging is dangerous

There’s a new strategy in the fight against zombie properties. Actually it’s not a new strategy at all. It’s probably one of the oldest real estate strategies in history, and it’s a classic way to kill zombies. 1,402 more words


You've Got A Right To Be A Dickhead, But Sometimes You Should Avoid Being One

Pamela Geller, the woman responsible for orchestrating the “Draw Muhammad” contest, might be a windup troll, but she’s got the right to orchestrate whatever event she feels appropriate. 638 more words

Express freely online ≠ speaking without thinking

“Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.” — …

239 more words