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How to respond to complaints about Indiana's new religious freedom law

First, the story, from the Daily Signal:

A bill known as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act has been signed into law by the governor.

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On Treating Writing as a Form of Play

This post originally appeared on that amazing website Aerogramme Writers’ Studio.

For years before my novel was published, I felt insecure about whether or not I was a ‘real’ writer. 791 more words

Eli Glasman

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Responding to Eli Glasman's post "On Treating Writing as a Form of Play." I really enjoyed your piece, Eli! It very much resonated with me! I keep finding posts and comments like yours that are so in sync with Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way (1992),* to which I've become a convert over the past few years. I guess you really do find what you look for. Perhaps you're familiar with the book. A huge part of Cameron's program aligns with your sentiments in this post. Cameron spends much text encouraging the child in us to play--even, or especially, in a messy way--at art, in whatever form. If it is to "work" for you and your readers, I think initial creative writing (both fiction and non-fiction, even journalism and fingerpainting_smiley_handscholarly work), like any art, has to feel something like play, something with a natural flow and ease and subconscious hum about it. Editing is the real work, as it calls for a more analytical mode and purpose, the imposition of structure upon the raw, lovely "mess." Coming across your post, Eli, also reinforces my last post, a response to resisting perfectionism in favor of simply making art. A perfectionist approach to play certainly is no fun, just as it is often counterproductive to even the adult-like goals of one's writing. Initial, rough drafts of creative output should be a flawed fountain of fun. Many people do not enjoy their professions, trades, or jobs, and the same can be true for writers, but it doesn't have to be.

Play-write instead of playing "right," and you'll be on the right writing track.

See my previous posts on the theme of perfectionism vs. the artist's way (a.k.a., the way of beautiful imperfection). They make up almost one-third of my total number of posts, I'm just realizing after compiling the list.
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*Disclaimer: I feel compelled to note that, although you may notice a pattern of "promotion" here, I solemnly swear I am in no way in the employ or service of Julia Cameron or her associates and have no financial incentive to promote her work. I just like it--clearly! :) Looks like it's time for a new category page.

Aminata's Family to Report 'Disappearance' to Police

Family sources who confirmed Aminata Manneh’s disappearance said they will report the matter to the police on Monday.

“We will report the matter to the police on Monday,” a source told FPI. 450 more words

Human Rights

The 2015 Riyadh International Book Fair: A Mixed Bag

The giant Riyadh International Book Fair wrapped up on March 14 with strong sales, a crackdown on a “tolerance” event, and a warning to publishers: No one may distribute or sell printed materials, books and videos to visitors without prior approval from management. 325 more words


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In keeping with the theme of my late-2014, early-2015 blog posts, I share this portrait of the status of free speech and book censorship in Saudi Arabia--both to illustrate by contrast how privileged many nations are to have freedoms not shared in the Kingdom, and to reinforce the importance of keeping speech and expression free, no matter what the substance or circumstances.

Index Freedom of Expression awards

Last night Steve and I had the honour of being guests at Index on Censorship’s gala award ceremony at the Barbican Centre in London. Set up in 2000, the Freedom of Expression Awards celebrate some of the bravest and most creative champions of free speech around the planet, and highlight the sinister efforts of numerous regimes and other organisations to censor and silence dissent – an issue I encountered many times during my Year of Reading the World. 518 more words


The Tyranny of Silence

“Free speech is being challenged by two fundamental processes that are a fact of life in a globalized world.

The first thing is globalization, the fact that people move across borders in numbers never before seen in the history of mankind, and it makes every society more diverse in terms of culture, ethnicity, and religion. 287 more words


Free Expression at GU

An investigation has been launched into how openly UK universities allow free speech on campus. Online news platform Spiked has addressed the issue by creating a Free Speech University Ranking using a traffic light colour coding system to determine how liberal different establishments are concerning autonomy of expression. 647 more words