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Contol Freak

It’s this constant need, desire, itch to have control over everything in your life; or at least it starts out that way. Then it moves to controlling the things around you, objects, friends, children and even loved ones. 275 more words


wedding freaks

A wedding is a public awareness events inherent in the tradition. Solid evidence that marriage and family are still the fundamental values in the life of modern man. 489 more words


My Very Dear Bad Boy - Kikuchi Kamaro

Serentetan kasus penganiayaan terjadi di sekolah asrama Hayama Kaede dan Kaede menyangka pelakunya adalah Kuroba Torao yang merupakan anak nakal di sekolahnya. Kuroba sangat iseng dan terkesan menyebalkan. 285 more words


My "Perfect" Man

Ngomongin soal cowok idaman, gue punya kriteria cowok idaman yang berbeda dengan gadis-gadis seumuran gue. Ya karena emang dari lahir gue memang udah aneh banget sikap maupun tingkah lakunya, hal tersebut juga berimbas ke kriteria cowok idaman gue. 1,692 more words

Freak like me

All through school I was known as a freak. I did not get along with my classmates. I hung with the teachers my tolerance for drama and bull shit was slim. 85 more words

New video by Megan Nash!!! #‎StartOfSomething‬

I’ll be playing a show with Megan Nash on June 12th at Pat’s Pub.

Here’s one of her new videos:


Everybody Loves A Good Slut

I think why we’re so in love with sluts as a culture, is because they do what we wish we could do ourselves. They have no boundaries. 213 more words