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Do you believe in Wrestling?

We all know wrestling is fake. Hold on let me explain. Fake is not the right word. Wrestling is more like dangerous dancing or brutal acting. 151 more words



So I was trying to blog and do the social media thing because I feel so isolated in real life. . Not sure if it’s helping tho. 43 more words

Sock Zoo

Sock zoo.

I hate wearing socks. HATE. I know it’s strange, but socks make my toes feel trapped. So by wearing animal socks… socks become more friendly for my toes. 92 more words

Beware Of The Bees! Unexpected Swarms Take Over OC Beaches

From CBS Los Angeles, Mar 28, 2015

HUNTINGTON BEACH — Bees have become an apparent problem in Orange County due to unexpected swarms that have been taking over near the beaches. 217 more words



Not nearly enough importance is given to the Australian music scene. In the early 90’s when the world was enamoured by the Seattle alternative scene a bunch of freakish boys out of Oz had something to say. 7 more words


The best part about a new car is hearing someone freak out about the radio

Maybe they should have just turned it off and had a nice conversation.


Let Your Freak Flag Fly!

Let’s face it, we all hate ourselves. Sure, we look good at certain times and we have several features that we love, but mostly we just have a list of features we hate. 140 more words