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6 Things Associated With Summer In Cyprus

When recalling summers in Cyprus, sweet memories come to your mind. Hundreds of pleasant moments spent with family and friends make summers on the island so special. 402 more words


The Frape War.

At first you trust people with holding your phone, or using your laptop or even any were near an electrical item that is connected to Facebook…. 92 more words

The Art of Fraping.

It was close to Christmas and exam time when I started going out with Holly and between study and catching up with her I didn’t see much of my house mates for a few weeks. 112 more words

Student Life

Tuesday, 11th November 2014

Frape, n.

Pronunciation: /freɪp/
Etymology: < Old French frap of same meaning, < fraper

A crowd, a mob, the rabble; tumult, disturbance. rare after 18th cent., until revived in the early 21st with respect to the social network Facebook.



It’s 4 years ago. It’s the end of a long summer. I’m rushing through London. I’m tired. I’m sweaty. I don’t have a phone. I’m trying to find a famous station. 699 more words

The Plan

Starting one’s day obviously entails waking up, coffee, and bread.

Then a quick walk to the Museum I’m volunteering at in time for 0900. The walk can be hazardous. 459 more words



Most of us who have Facebook have been fraped or have fraped someone else in our time, but could something that is just normally a spot of harmless fun potentially spark harsher consequences? 234 more words