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Old And New Inauguration Day

The Inauguration of a United States President and Vice-President is one of the most spectacular and peculiar events on the official calendar. It took a Constitutional Amendment to actually set the date and time for the actual ending of the term of office. 984 more words

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Dream Society Project (Mission and Values)

On January 20, 1961 President John F. Kennedy delivered his historic Inaugural Address in Washington, D.C.  In his speech he challenge Americans to participate in public service and “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” The Dream Society Project has taking on the challenge that was made over half a century ago. 415 more words

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Be Inspired: 02.16.15

The only limit to our realization of tomorrow
will be our doubts of today.

~Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Presidential Wine Trivia: 14 Fascinating Facts

On Presidents’ Day, originally enacted to honor George Washington, and in 1971 amended to create a new three-day weekend, we honor all United States Presidents — many of whom were wine drinkers, and some of whom have had significant influence on the American wine industry. 610 more words

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Presidents and First Ladies

We honor Presidents Day by sharing excerpts from a rare pamphlet in our collection which contains biographical information and images of all First Ladies and U.S. 58 more words

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