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Technology Aids Fraud

By Suzi Ring

(Bloomberg) — Technology makes it a lot easier to cheat today, according to reformed con artist Frank Abagnale.

The man who made $2.5 million in the 1960s as a teenager faking identities as an airline pilot, lawyer and doctor now works with the FBI and others on cybercrime. 648 more words


"Catch Me If You Can" - Frank Abagnale

I usually read business books but I have to have something to read before bed and I can’t read anything that gets me thinking too deeply, because then I won’t be able to fall asleep. 251 more words

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Great impostors whose stories were made into movies

Frank Abagnale

Probably the most famous impersonator in the 20th century was a teenager from the Bronx. Frank Abagnale passed himself off as an airline pilot, doctor and lawyer — all starting when he was 16. 672 more words

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What I'm Reading now....

I want to mention that I’m currently reading these three great books..
1, ‘CATCH ME IF YOU CAN’ by Frank Abagnale. Yes, the same guy they made the movie about, starring Tom Hanks and Leo DiCaprio. 409 more words

SUPER FRAUD: Frank Abagnale on the Death of the Con Artist and the Rise of Cybercrime

“What I did was almost 50 years ago and it’s about 4,000 times easier today to con people than when I did it.”

Back in March, 2013,  2,265 more words


Bitcoin, the Greatest Scam of All Time?

Frank Abagnale, the con artist extraordinaire of “Catch Me if You Can” fame, says the cryptocurrency is “a way to rob people of their life savings.” 675 more words