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As We Enter Holy Week...

… I perhaps sound like a broken record. Every Lent, Holy Week, and Paschal Triduum, I sound the same: “one danger of Holy Week is to be too busy,” “another danger of Holy Week is to be too sad,”  165 more words

Francis De Sales

In Illness, on the Cross with Our Lord

Do not be distressed about having to stay in bed ill and not being able to meditate, for to endure the scourging of our Lord is no less a good than to meditate.

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Francis de Sales quote about love

Today’s quote deals with how love draws us toward what is truly good:

I’m thinking that this “advancement” is a word referring to growth. When we love others, our souls move in a positive, good direction. 123 more words


The Greatest of all Concerns

But let us remember, Philothea, so to pass our time of recreation that we may never lose sight of the greatest of all concerns–eternity. (St. Francis de Sales, …

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Veritatis Splendor


Without pretending to want to teach them or win them over, gradually plant holy inspirations and reflections in their minds. In this way, especially if you pray about it too, you will do more good than you would in any other way.
Saint Francis de Sales


The Contractions and Pangs of Spiritual Childbirth

The contractions and pangs of spiritual childbirth are not less than those on the physical order. You have experienced both. I have often been encouraged in the midst of my little difficulties by these words of our gentle Saviour: “When a woman is in labour, she is in great distress… but after her child is born, she forgets the suffering because of the joy of the child born to her” (Jn 16:21).

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The Sacred Alchemy of Changing Sadness into Joy

What is the Gospel? Isn’t the Good News Itself the same as changing sadness into joy? Of course. This is who Jesus is, this is what the Gospel is: changing sadness into joy. 384 more words

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