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Joy in God's Will through Suffering

Sufferings in themselves are very abhorrent to our inclinations; but when considered with reference to the will of God they cause us joy and pleasure.
Saint Francis de Sales


Friday With St. Francis de Sales - Inspiration For Wives and Mothers - Good Friday 2015

Excerpt from the Good Friday Homily by St. Francis de Sales

But could God not have provided the world with a remedy other than that of His Son’s death? 411 more words

Detachment and Peace in the Garden

Now, when our Lord separates us from these attachments we are so fond of, it’s as if He were flaying our hearts alive. We suffer acutely and almost inevitably we resist with our whole being because we feel this separation most keenly.

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As We Enter Holy Week...

… I perhaps sound like a broken record. Every Lent, Holy Week, and Paschal Triduum, I sound the same: “one danger of Holy Week is to be too busy,” “another danger of Holy Week is to be too sad,”  165 more words

Francis De Sales

In Illness, on the Cross with Our Lord

Do not be distressed about having to stay in bed ill and not being able to meditate, for to endure the scourging of our Lord is no less a good than to meditate.

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Francis de Sales quote about love

Today’s quote deals with how love draws us toward what is truly good:

I’m thinking that this “advancement” is a word referring to growth. When we love others, our souls move in a positive, good direction. 123 more words


The Greatest of all Concerns

But let us remember, Philothea, so to pass our time of recreation that we may never lose sight of the greatest of all concerns–eternity. (St. Francis de Sales, …

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Veritatis Splendor