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The Caregiving Roller Coaster Twist No. 267

For those of you who blog, there is a feature that lets you schedule posts. I love it because I know if I have something to say, but already posted for the day, I can push the story forward a few days. 424 more words

A Day In The Life Of Dementia


Inevitably, you will feel pain.

There is no way to make it through this life without getting hurt. I can kiss your lips and hold you close but inevitably, you will feel pain. 124 more words

Are We As Frail As We Have Learned?

In terms of our human evolution, civilization’s current “official” truth provider is materialistic science. And according to the popular medical model, the human body is a biochemical machine controlled by genes; whereas the human mind is an elusive  345 more words

Delicate jewelry

I fell for the frail jewelry from HapaGirls on Etsy. I don´t own anything from them, yet, but I think their naive motifs are so beautiful that it´s just a matter of time. 40 more words


I dream of you
small, frail, my love
no place but dreams to go.


Day 100 - San Francisco

So far I’ve been here five days. The jet lag is starting to subside. I have until Sunday with Eric Kim (who is awesome) and the street photo group. 162 more words



I think that is how I need to describe it, I have an allergy personality, I am allergic to many antibiotics, penicillin, erythromycin, cephalosporins, latex, banana and avocado and now I am going to add Shiraz to this list. 445 more words

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