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30 Day Challenge - Day 5 - Bella's A to Z of Strictly. E is for...

My mummy is really silly sometimes!

This morning, I asked her what word beginning with E she felt best summed up Strictly. She told me Elephant! 239 more words


This Is Such A Groovy Place

Last Friday night I got the chance to go out with friends to an open dance party at a place I’d never been to before that we’ll call the Star Dance Hall. 1,883 more words



Man, so far this summer has kicked me in the butt. First losing my job, and now my van is giving me problems. I mean, what did I ever expect from a 1987 VW Vanagon? 301 more words

On human inertia in society

Newton’s first law of motion states that “an object at rest or in uniform motion will stay in that state unless acted upon by an external unbalanced force” 1,080 more words


Raina Telgemeier--Sisters (2014)

SOUNDTRACK: DANIEL LANOIS-Tiny Desk Concert #415 (January 13, 2015).

I don’t really know very much about Daniel Lanois. I know he’s a great producer.  I know that he’s worked with Brian Eno on an umber of projects. 852 more words

Funny (ha Ha)

Lanterns: The Harvest Festival Review

Andrew: The great harvest is complete.  It is a time to rest and rejoice.  In celebration, we artisans have been tasked with adding beauty to the palace lake by floating myriad colored lanterns in the serene waters.  1,049 more words



The sky was blue and the main sail was up, Foxtrot was at full speed swaying gracefully through the pristine Mediterranean Sea. Sitting on the bow end of the yacht just working on my tan it was the most relaxed I had been so far on the tour. 335 more words