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All Foxtrot, All the Time

Since I didn’t get a chance to write yesterday, figured two today would be ok.

Since the performance is behind us and we have a high-level standard coach coming in a couple weeks, boss decided to start re-focusing on standard again. 524 more words

Ballroom Dance

Canada Day! Resetting for restarting...

Happy Canada Day!

Just  short one today.

I am pretty stressed about returning to chemo on Friday.  After one week off I am seeing a little bit of what life post-chemo will be like without constant side effects, and I am not eager to return back to them.  339 more words

Ballroom Dance

Take Your Dog To Work Day - A Strictly Support Group Take On Events!

They say, never work with children or animals! Having worked with children, we know it’s not that bad. We’ve never worked with animals before, but imagine it’d be relaxing and filled with hugs. 105 more words


Foxtrot Friday - A Floral Delight For You All!

There are several reasons we’re happy today:

Reason 1: The Sun Is Shining ☀️

Reason 2: Summer Is Well and Truly Here (Finally!) 💁

Reason 3: My Hayfever Has Disappeared! 227 more words


30 Day Challenge - Bella's A to Z of Strictly - Z is for Zendaya!

I like writing stories, so today’s blog post is a story which mummy helped me write a little a lot!

Once upon a time, in a land far far away called America, there lived a beautiful princess called Zendaya who was always smiling and happy. 147 more words


If You Take My Pulse Right Now

This past Friday night I had a lot of fun. There was a party put together that was kind of an exclusive event for some people, but the guest list turned out to contain all kinds of people I knew, even people I hadn’t seen in a really long time, to come dance with us! 1,878 more words