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One Lump of Stupid or Two, Reince?

Hey guys, remember the other day when obvious anagram Reince Preibus (thanks Charlie!) sort of punted his job to Fox News and told them to figure out how to handle… 270 more words

2016 Goat Rodeo

Majority Report Looks At Claims Of O'Reilly Spousal Abuse

Sam Seder

Sam Seder and Majority Report discuss whether Bill O’Reilly committed spousal abuse.  The news publication Gawker claims that Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly committed acts of domestic violence during his marriage to ex-wife Maureen McPhilmy. 10 more words


Random Headlines -- 5/24/15

Talking Points Memo – Ireland becomes the first country to legalize marriage equality by popular vote.
– When the gangbangers are (mostly) white guys. 95 more words

Marriage Equality

The riots in Baltimore

As of Wednesday 04/29/15, I am beginning a new post (compare last Monday’s), as events prior to Monday afternoon 04/27/15 could be called “demonstrations,” but beginning that afternoon can instead be called “riots,” and I don’t want the two terms confused. 945 more words


More 'lies' from O'Reilly

Bill O’Reilly is a serial liar, according to one of his former colleagues at Fox News Channel.

OK, that doesn’t surprise a lot of folks. What’s a bit surprising to me is that the allegation of lying comes from Eric Burns, who was a host of “Fox News Watch” for a decade until 2008, when the network let him go. 377 more words

Iraq War

McCain Calls White House Press Secretary Earnest An 'Idiot,' Retracts

John McCain is upset about a recent ISIS victory in Ramadi, Iraq. So angry, that he took to name calling when speaking about White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest. 115 more words